Why can not starve to lose weight

"From tomorrow, throw there!»

Maxim Coudert wrote for Zozhnika text of the most simple things that will always remain in the form of: a calorie deficit.


No one is immune from mistakes. By embarking on the difficult path of struggle against excess weight, people often rush "to the winds": drinking slimming teas, buy in a drugstore set of "Lose Weight in a week!", Eat only one thing (such as apples), go to the procedure ( from massage to slimming massagers, rastryasayuschih fat), fat drowned in the bath (or dry wine) and even a needle prick miracle doctor Mukhina.

If we could all this absolutely useless exercise to replace at least a simple awareness of the phrase: "There are no miracles. Your weight - it's just the difference between the received and expended calories! " Here except that it is important to add to balance this difference.

Fasting can not est

We need to put a comma after the second word. And here's why. When a person begins to consume a little more than zero calories in his body is yo-yo effect, repeatedly described in thousands of articles.

During starvation diet weight loss is largely due to the loss of lymphoid tissue and muscle fibers, rather than fat, which does not give up and go last. And not from the place that is massaged, and as nature intended.

Weight loss during the fasting will definitely be there, but this loss is likely to return even greater harm and weight. Slimmer end is always the same: food breakdown. Firstly, because it is impossible sharply and permanently sit on 500-700 (or even 1200-1500) calories a day, and secondly, it will contribute to developing on the background of the loss of nutrients depression.

The effect of yo-yo

And the most lamentable result of starvation - the loss of muscle, a person on the basis of the food breakdown returns your weight primarily fat. This means that it will look with the same weight is worse than before the diet (Muscle "heavy" fat) and even his daily calories decreases and fit into it, so as not to continue to put on weight, will be more difficult.

This is called yo-yo effect when each cycle of starvation and weight loss, people eventually lose more muscle and gaining more fat.

What to do? The recipe is very simple and repeatedly described in the pages Zozhnika. If you want to lose weight, follow these 4 simple steps:

Get to know your rate of calories. This can be done Zozhnike (look under the logo of the calculator). Some time count calorie everything you eat (by doing this consistently, you will learn how to determine the calorie "in the eyes»). It is necessary to realistically assess how much you consume calories in their "normal" and to learn to visualize yourself the energy value of the foods. For counting calories is a set of applications and services, for example, FatSecret. Reduce calorie slightly below his standards. With a very simple and sensitive manner: eliminate fat from your diet and harmful. This is not to starve, do not lower your calorie supply by more than 20% below its norm, it is best to keep a constant small deficit. Take care of physical activity. The one that is either just burns calories (any aerobic exercise: jogging, "poprygushki" (group Zante) in the gym, swimming), or burns calories and even build muscle mass (do not be afraid to pump - it is impossible, if you do not pricked steroids). Then your rate of calorie increase more and it will be easier to fit into it and continue to lose weight. If you honestly do these 4 simple steps, then after 3-6 months, not only you, but everyone around will notice dramatic changes in your body, and if you continue to do so all my life, your body will be in perfect shape always. Moreover, a proper diet will go into a natural habit and the need for constant monitoring caloric itself will disappear.

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