I never thought that the fruit salad brings many benefits the body. Already running to the store!

Fruit salad - it's very simple, satisfying and at the same time, healthy dish. Slice the fruit on the salad takes a minimum of time, you can combine flavors and trying new variations almost every day. And what vkusnotischa obtained if the season salad with low-fat yogurt - words can not convey.

With fruit salad in your body gets a lot of useful vitamins and minerals. This dish can be an excellent lunch, dinner or a snack in the middle of the day. Because the fruit salad at the same time light and hearty, you can satisfy your hunger and at the same time you will feel easy.

Let us once again go over the main reasons why the fruit salad - is our meal.

1. Salads never bored.
Different colors and textures of fruit is not only pleasing to the eye, but also stimulate the appetite. Every day, you can create a new salad to your liking. In addition, the salad can add something of vegetables (lettuce), healthy fats (olive oil) and even meat tuna or shrimp.

2. With their help, we get the required amount of fruits and vegetables.
To maintain good health are encouraged to eat fruit or vegetables five times a day. A small apple, a large orange, half a cup of berries - it is 3 servings.

3. They - a good source of fiber.
Despite the fact that the fiber does not contain vitamins and minerals, it is still needed by the body. Fiber gives us a feeling of satiety, slowing the release of glucose and allows the body to efficiently dispose of the waste.

4. Salads contain many vitamins and minerals.
Fruits are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that help the cells to do their job properly. They delay the signs of premature aging, reduces chronic inflammation and protect our cells from free radicals.

Fruit salad - it's extremely healthy food that will give you many advantages. Moreover, to do them and there - a pleasure. Fill your fridge fruit, and be always on our toes!

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