29 recipes for those who are too lazy to cook for yourself. Believe me, it's easier than you can imagine!

There alone. It sounds sad, huh? Another stereotype to break. Why do most of the recipes are designed for large portions for a few people, while individualism is firmly entrenched in our lives? After all, many people do not have to worry about how to feed the whole family, people living alone. There are activists who are preparing for themselves with the same fervor as it is for others. But the majority of single people are in no hurry to spend precious time on cooking food. What's the point, so much effort - just for yourself? And cooking and washing dishes ... Check this list of recipes, which are easy to please any bachelor. Hit appetite and desire for healthy eating for unrestrained laziness!

1 boiled egg, ham, avocado, herbs and hot sauce. Amiss, and breakfast and lunch!

2. Omelette with cheese, herbs and coriander. Omelette do even better than the fried eggs. Do not forget that winning dish!

3. A small pizza with egg and vegetables. Use as a base for pizza pita bread, and did not have an oven. Spread your favorite ingredients on top of a thick or thin pita bread, water still tomato sauce, sprinkle with cheese, send in the microwave ... and get ready for a wonderful morning pizza!

4. Cocktail with frozen peaches, bananas, nuts, berries any ... Cocktail - a full meal. And all that is needed for its preparation - milk, fruit and a blender!

5. Stewed zucchini or eggplant - only a healthy meal. With Italian spices and garlic, they are very tasty! It is useful for anyone who wants to lose weight. Plus zucchini that they prepare very quickly: just 15 minutes and the dish is ready.

6. Sandwich with cheese, tomato and egg. Variations of this snack are endless.

7. sandwich for breakfast, you can fry an egg, will be even tastier!

8. Chicken cooked with different vegetables. Well, who said that it is difficult? Chicken meat is cooked very quickly, place the chicken, onion, carrot, zucchini, mushrooms and tomatoes in a deep pan with spices and mascara. This dish can do each.

9. Avocados, strawberries and spinach - original salad ingredients that should definitely try.

10. Mushrooms cooked in butter with sour cream and cheese ... With the garlic taste even better!

11 Bulgarian pepper, boiled corn - it is very tasty. Make a salad of boiled pepper and cooked corn cut from the cob.

12. Avocado stuffed with shrimp. Decoction of eggs, grind them in a blender to get a mousse. Fill midway avocado pulp mixed with egg, add the shrimp. Use spices and olive oil. Delicious dish!

13. Salad with apples, carrots and walnuts. The taste of childhood, the source of valuable vitamins.

14. Pasta with cheese and milk sauce. Enough to boil pasta, and there you can do with them all sorts of miracles, to simplify the task by using the microwave.

15. fry chicken wings in oil and spices. For the sake of interest. Compare the taste of homemade food, and the fact that you usually buy.

16. Beef steak with white wine and olives. Simple and elegant!

17. Meat with pineapple. You can use fresh and canned pineapples. Fresh, of course, delicious. It is enough to just these two ingredients, cook any meat with pineapple, it is sure to get a soft and fragrant.

18. Rice with assorted vegetables. Vari rice with chopped vegetables, you get very tasty.

19. Scampi. Excellent source of protein, cook them very quickly.

20. Spaghetti "Carbonara". Italian food can be affordable!

21. Mini-cake in a microwave oven. Here it is happiness!

22. Why not cook cheese soup? Liquid food is necessary for all, well, there's soup recipes, available to everyone!

23. Oatmeal is beautiful at any time of day, for breakfast and lunch. The variety of recipes using this cereal pleases. Try the lazy cook porridge, it was created for you ...

24. Desert can afford, even if in a hurry! Sweetly strengthen themselves in the middle of the working day. Coffee ice cream to taste everything!

25. Pancakes - just what a dish that does not like to cook bachelors because of trouble with them. But it is so delicious! Simple recipe for pancakes you to help.

26. Rice and red fish. Believe me, prepare sushi - the whole adventure, and it's not that difficult! But if you do not inspire cooking this dish, it is possible to simplify everything. Decoction of rice, eat it with pieces of red fish, add soy sauce in a dish. Get no worse than sushi!

27. sushi can be quite unconventional, meat and cheese. But they are extremely tasty!

28. Do not forget about fruit! From any fruit you can make a salad, it is very useful and light food.

29. Treat yourself to dessert, even if you're on a diet! Apple strudel - a simple and low-calorie treat.

Do not be lazy to cook for myself! Let these simple dishes will inspire you. It is not necessary to be super-chef to cook your own tasty and healthy food.

Report all these priceless recipes, especially - celibate!

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