10 stretching exercises. Sound sleep and muscle tone you provided!

You also know this unpleasant feeling when you wake up after sleeping in an awkward position? We are not able to fully control himself in his sleep, because inadvertently harm themselves. Sleeping on a numb arm awkwardly turned neck may spoil the whole coming day. Neck, back and head will certainly be hurt, you will feel tired. The effects of sleep in the wrong position, you can smooth out the conventional exercises for stretching muscles that are useful to do in the morning. Similarly useful to do them in the evening, before going to bed: you just go to sleep soundly, muscle pain will not visit you, even if you actively work out in training. After stretching promotes the breakdown of lactic acid! This sprightly woman in the photographs show you how to perform a complex right.

Start a life without pain!

1. Walking crab

Good rests hands and feet into the ground, tighten the buttocks. Place the chin to the chest, breathe deeply. Push all of the muscles that pull the turns in this position. Paying particular attention to the neck.

2. Stretching the upper press

Elevated above the floor 6 times, moving by cutting the top of the press. Actively stretch the back muscles. Neck push forward. Watch your breath, exhale when the prestressing.

3. Stretching side muscle

Lie down on your back, pull your hands toward the soles of the feet. Turn your head to the side and pull the neck to the side, feel the tension side muscles. Do this several times on each side.

4. Stretch the shoulders

Grasp the door jamb, well Rely. Take a step forward, pull back and shoulders in the direction to the limit. Hold tight position for 10 seconds.

5. Tyanis forward

Get on your knees, feet, located on the width of shoulders. Push your arms forward, feeling the stretch in your back and shoulders, legs well rested against the floor.

6. Stretching the thigh muscles

Lie down on your stomach. Hands clasp leg bent and pressed against his thigh. Pull the leg hands, hold the maximum stress position for 10 seconds.

7. Stretching the hips and buttocks

Bend one leg at the knee, back straight, the heel of the other foot rests on the floor. Keep your spine straight, squeeze your buttocks. Feel the tension in all muscles involved in the exercise.

8. Stretching the wall

Be smooth, be forced against the wall, resting your feet on the floor. Arches his back, separated from the wall back to its original position. Repeat 10 times since.

9. Stretching waist

Get on your knees, bend forward, bend down your head down. Tyanis hands forward with the force!

10. Stretch the entire body

Lie down on your stomach, raise your right hand and right leg, pull. Hold point of tension for 10 seconds, relax. Repeat with the other leg.

Suit at the coach simply amazing! Exercise should be varied and be fun, otherwise your enthusiasm quickly fades. Change your workout, make them new elements. Such stretching can be a great private complex, as it can be done in the end normal cardio. Remember that stretching promotes growth and elasticity of muscles, relieves tension from the entire body.

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