It's just an old rim. But you can not even imagine what it can be converted!

Who would have thought that the unusual and colorful flower pot in the past could be an old rim? Even the most useless thing can be useful, most importantly, include fantasy and to consider the subject from the more practical side. Make this beauty can be easily by hand. Roll up our sleeves and get to work!

To make this an excellent pot, you will need:

the old rim; Bank of black paint; fragments of tiles; a brown piece of felt; Clay; the ground. 1. Cleanse rim rust.

2. Apply a coat of black paint on the entire surface.

3. Take a special knife (Tile) and they seldom tiles. You can cut it as you like. Turn imagination. The main thing is that in the end turned out a beautiful pattern.

4. obmazh clay layer outside of the wheel. Before the clay starts to dry, glue the pieces of her tiles. After you pokleit them and the clay dries out a bit, remove the excess clay with a damp cloth.

5. Put the wheel rim inside a piece of felt (or coconut fiber). Make a pair of holes for drainage.

6. Grist soil and plant flowers.

Done. It looks great! The pot can be decorated according to your taste. Use to decorate shells, stones, beads, lace and all that we wish your soul. You will not only beautiful, but also a unique thing.

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