Delicate desserts and honey on the basis of which it is impossible to break away. Worth a try!

Kissel - sweet jelly-like dish made from fruits and berries. And it is very useful. Not all like jelly, but this delicious dessert on the basis of his start to adore almost everyone who tried it! Most likely, and you have this delicate mousse taste. Cooking it incredibly simple that will please many. Save yourself a recipe not to lose!
You need two servings:

30 g of dry jelly in a pack; 100 g sour cream; 200 g of cottage cheese; 10 g of gelatin; 80 g sugar; 200 ml of water.

How to prepare:
1. Razvedi dry pudding with hot water. Mix well with a spoon and let cool. You can take homemade jelly.

2. While getting cold jelly, gelatin zaley small amount of water, wait until the swells. Then the share of the remaining water.

3. Vzbey blender cheese, sugar and sour cream.

4. curd mixed with jelly and gelatin. Carefully vzbey.

5. spill the mixture of bright colors kremanki (or choose another dish) and place in the refrigerator until solidification.

6. Ready mousse decorate as desired with grated chocolate, chopped walnuts and fresh mint leaves!

This dessert is obtained not only beautiful to look at, but still very tasty. Treat your loved ones, let them try to guess which of the prepared mousse. They are unlikely to guess.

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