An easy way to rejuvenate: energy gymnastics, which works wonders.

Many of us have heard about energy gymnastics, but few have studied it. And in vain, because despite the simplicity of the exercises that take just 5 minutes a day, it works wonders. Such exercises do many healers to restore the energy balance and to improve the functioning of all organs. After following these simple but effective exercises, devices that measure the human energy field, immediately showed positive changes.

And so it started. Each exercise should be performed 7 times.

1. Follow the circular rotation of the feet on each leg on either side.

2. Bend your knee and make a circular rotation of the tibia. Then do the other leg on.

3. Rotate the hips in a circle. First clockwise, then - against.

4. Then do the rotational movement of the wrist of both hands.

5. Do the circular motion of the elbow joint.

6. Turn the shoulder joints forward, then backward. Push Hands to yourself.

7. PROGRESS movements eyes up and down, left and right, and 7 circular.

8. Do the head tilts back and forth. Tilts her head back carefully. Then, do the circular rotation of the head and counter-clockwise.

9. Lie down on the floor. Blades must lie on the floor. Bend your knees. Put your hands behind his head. The slow pace do kicking motion as though pedaling.

At the end of a good port hand and rub the foot.

Do gymnastics energy when you're comfortable. But it is more effective if you do it in the morning. Over time, you'll feel healthier and younger. The result was not long in coming.

Share with your friends these exercises, let them try, too.

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