20 life hacking, essential in the kitchen. Sin is not to take advantage of!

Being a good cook is not so simple. After all, even an inexperienced cook can spoil the coffee. However, knowing a little culinary tricks, you can not only learn how to cook, but also to surprise their home unusual and refined taste habitual seemingly dishes. Today made for you a selection of 20 tips that will be useful to each owner.

1. How to fry fish
To fish is not burnt and not get tight, it is not necessary to grease the pan with oil. Best of sodium them the very fish. So she will burn and not get fat.

2. Unusual dressing
The kitchen should always experimenting, especially when it comes to dressing. Mix crab meat, grapefruit juice and smear a mixture of toast, or add it to garnish, such as pasta.

3. Paper and chicken
Paper towels will help remove excess fat from the chicken. To do this, you need only a little wet meat.

4. Potato salad
To make a hearty salad, add to it a little boiled potatoes. By the way, the chef advised to cut the potato salad was hot.

5. Young beets
This product is rich in vitamins and minerals, it is even used for the prevention and treatment of certain diseases. Boil it should be in a little salted water.

6. Coal measure
In order not to spoil the dish on a grill or barbecue, do not put a lot of coal. Better to put the coals to one edge and gradually shift the products.

7. Spicy salad in a note
To make an ordinary salad spicy enough to add to it a little vanilla.

8. Crisp
If you want to on the meat during frying formed crisp, add to the pan a tablespoon of flour.

9. The sauce with the peel
Zest of lemon goes well with creamy sauces.

10. Fry onion
To avoid unpleasant odors while cooking onions, add a pinch of salt to it and fire away to simmer!

11. Grilled fish
In order to keep the fish from sticking to the grill, sodium salt thereof, before put on the grill. Salt absorbs excess moisture and the fish will not be burnt.

12. Alternative breadcrumbs
Try for once to replace crackers ground nuts. It is very tasty!

13. The secret ingredient of risotto
If you love risotto, try to add a bit of vermouth while cooking. The taste will surprise you!

14. How warm the honey
There is only one correct way to warm honey - drop a jar of them in a bowl with hot water.

15. Garlic mass
To chop the garlic finely and crush him we will cut with a knife, and then add a pinch of salt.

16. Properly whipped
If you need to beat the eggs, sugar and juice, whisk this mixture just over a saucepan of boiling water.

17. Beer marinade
If you mix a light beer with soy sauce, salt and pepper, you can get an unusual marinade for barbecue. Try it yourself!

18. Tasty filling
Mix sorrel, fennel and lemon juice, and you'll get a very original and tasty dressing to any dish.

19. How neatly cut eggs
To when cutting hard-boiled eggs, does not crumble, soak in cold water blade.

20. Adds mint frying
Mint goes well not only with desserts, but also with meat dishes. Especially well it is revealed during frying. However, it should be added in the beginning of the cooking process.

These councils will be useful not only for beginners, but experienced cooks. So be sure to tell us about these tricks to your friends and girlfriends, so that they can improve their skills!

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