That's what every woman expects from a real man ... I never thought that everything is so simple!

It is no wonder that people are sometimes difficult to understand each other, a stranger to us - a mystery, because we hardly understand ourselves. What to say then about others?

People can be stupid, clumsy, lazy, sometimes even at all stupid, nevertheless the decisions that each of us receives, are the fruits of our logical thinking.

Believe me, we could do with my life incredible things if spending more time on understanding and properly dispose of the information available to us.

It's no secret that men - pretty straightforward creatures, while the majority of women - puzzle. No, you do not think, I in no way want to offend women and say that they are irrational or something like. In fact, women are more mysterious than all other people. But for some reason most men there is a big problem with their understanding. Men are hard to understand what is still important for women ... or many simply do not want to spend the time to solve this great mystery and find out what they need to be loved. If you still do not know, then I tell you a secret: all women are different, and therefore each of them has their own needs.

Nevertheless, there is still one thing that unites all of them. This is what they expect from their partners. It is, in principle, something that everyone expects from his chosen or chosen one. If you wish, you can even call this thing "universal recipe for happiness." Surprisingly, this unique formula is quite simple.

But why should we, hell, it took some formula? Why can not we just love and not play these silly mind games? But the answer, my friend, is that this is love.

Yes, this is, in fact, is the whole of life. You do and say certain things, and they are wonderful influence on others - because our world is arranged. Most people do not bother with extra care to understand what the consequences of their actions will have. Remember: everything, no matter what you said or did to his girlfriend, he has a huge impact on her. It certainly interpret everything you say and do, in their own way. This accordingly it will cause some reaction. Know that everything in this world is closely connected with each other, but most of us simply do not want to see this link.

All that is needed by a woman relationships really ingeniously simple - a woman needs love and all those tiny little things that she means by this term. But here it is worth noting that every woman has their understanding of what it is - to be loved. And your task as men is to understand what it hell need.

This ingenious formula of love consists of two parts. Like all of us, every woman wants to be loved. But wait, that's not all ... the woman is not enough to be loved. If only it were that simple, the men would not have any problems in order to win the heart of a woman. Representatives of the beautiful half of humanity not just need a man who would love her ... She wants to be an integral part of your relationship with her. Simply put, she wants to love and be loved, it is with every fiber of his soul wants to "stay in love».

"And how do you know that you" remain in love '? "- You ask. It is impossible to understand the mind, you have to feel it. This male, I can tell, certainly fortunate because women are capable of much deeper feelings than they are. Women have a deeper understanding of love. The trick is to know what makes a woman feel loved, and give it to her. It does not just have to feel that she is loved and to feel that entirely, "is in love».

Love - is, in fact, the desire. The most common advice that men give each other - is: «Dude, do not pay attention to it, ignore it, and you'll see, she will come running to you like cute». I>

I will not deny this law actually works in the early stages of the relationship. This technique is really able to spark the interest of your passion. But it is useless to use at a time when you are trying to develop a more serious relationship. If you love each other and are going to be together, a disregard for only prove to her that she does not need you, and you feel good without it. Indifference only alienate it. You'll see it, too, will learn to live without you. If you ignore it and try to play her feelings, then be prepared for the fact that you eventually lose this game. More specifically, there will be no winners and losers - both of you will remain with nothing.

To light the fire of your love, you should from time to time to remind your significant other and myself, that you love her. Let her know that you are attracted to her. You should also remind her of why you need her and she can not live without you, and day. The same should be done, and it is.

Believe me, my friend, my superbezrazlichiem you never get you nowhere. A woman should feel that she is the happiest in the world. The same should feel towards themselves and you.

Women want to be loved passionately, but they also can not imagine myself without romance. They need to flame, so your relationship must be a spark. They want the most vivid emotions and sensations.

But more than just taking someone's love, all we need to give it. If you do not believe me, then for a moment to reflect and answer the simple question: what is better - love or be loved? I thought so ... I hope you learned for myself a lesson. Share this helpful article with your friends.


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