35 years ago this girl was frozen. Even now, no one believes what happened then ...

December 20, 1980 19-year-old Jean Hilliard went to his parents on the snowy lengby, Minnesota. Her car suddenly stalled, so she decided to walk to the house of her friends that are nearby.

She almost managed to get there, but suddenly she lost consciousness from hypothermia. The girl held in the snow 6 hours at a temperature of about -22 ° C, before it found one. He decided immediately to take Jean to the hospital and tried to bring her into his car. But it was more like a transport of cargo, because she looked like a block of ice, not the person.

When Jean Hilliard was taken to the hospital, she showed no signs of life. Moreover, her skin was so hard that it could not pierce the needle from the syringe. Her pulse was 12 beats per minute and the body temperature is lower than the thermometer can measure. The doctors were sure that she was dead, but still decided to unfreeze it by putting in the heat.

They thought that even if Jean Hilliard manage to survive, it will have severe frostbite of the extremities, which may have to be amputated. No one particularly did not expect what happened next - thawed body started to move a little bit. Jean opened her eyes and asked for water.

After 3 days she could move her legs, after 6 weeks she was discharged home completely healthy. The doctors and the girl's parents witnessed this miracle.

According to scientists, similar phenomenon is observed in animals that hibernate. The only explanation for what happened - the girl frozen body so quickly that the processes of destruction had not time to start. Ginny Hilliard certainly has his own guardian angel.



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