The harsh truth of life: how men and women are looking at the same things. Unexpected turn!

No one will deny the simple fact that the world of men and women - is, in fact, two separate, often mutually parallel reality. While women are largely guided by emotions and feelings, men have dominated the logic and rationalism. It's hard not to agree that the representatives of the weak and strong sex really perceive the world differently.

Is well-known expert in the field of family relationships, John Gray was right when he said that a man came from Mars, and women - from Venus? Really gender stereotypes - is not a myth? And finally the most important question - what is it that different men look at life from a female? After seeing a series of funny postcards "Look at the men and women living things", you are guaranteed to find an answer to this year already tormenting your questions!

What a man does at work

What does "clean house»?

How it looks marriage after 10 years of marriage

How it looks marriage after 20 years of marriage

How we look at the children until we have your

The project «Ice Age»

Plans for the weekend

The role of the husband in the family


The Perfect Dinner


Are we so different? What, then, makes us be together? This complex question there is a definite answer - love! Only this powerful sense of light and contributes to the fact that two separate realities suddenly open up to each other, intersect and form a small universe for two. Appreciate your loved ones you love them, do not be afraid to let your loved one in your little world, and whatever it was, always try to reach an understanding. Share this series of cards with his friends.


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