50 years ago, they rattled in jail after being legalized relationship ... No, do not you show!

Mildred Jeter and Richard Loving - sweet loving couple from Virginia, which proves that interracial love exists. They wanted to get married, even when it was against the law in their home state. Therefore, in 1958, at the earliest opportunity a couple rushed to Washington to finally legalize their relationship. But when they returned to Virginia, they are right in the middle of the night was arrested and sentenced to a year in prison ... What would you have thought? Just because the lovers were married recently.

Mildred and Richard has even been agreed in exchange for the freedom to move to Washington. In the meantime, they started a court case, which was to put an end to racial discrimination. Not that Loving were community activists, or would like to attract attention, but they dreamed of conventional joint family happiness.

married Loving largely defied social prejudices and current Virginia law on racial integrity of 1924, which forbade marriage between white and colored. This law for decades imposed taboo on such marriages, but the family Loving put an end to this injustice and, in fact, gave the green light to interracial marriage.

Having the right to love and be loved, Mildred and Richard were in seventh heaven! Here are some strong words 50 years later, Mildred Loving expressed on this subject:

«When I and my late husband back in 1958 married in Washington, when we were not going to rebel, or to start some kind of political struggle. We were head over heels in love, and simply wanted to get married. I>

No, we're not married in Washington, just because we felt like it. We did it because the government forbids us to legalize our relationship to his native Virginia, where we grew up, where we first met, fell in love and dream to live their entire lives together. I>

When we are with Richard as the happy newlyweds returned to Virginia, we did not have any second thoughts about how to fight for our rights. We just officially recognize each other in love and finally legalized our relationship. I>

But soon after our marriage we rattled in the night in jail for a serious "crime" - it turns out that each of us started a family with the wrong person. The judge said that if God created the races, so it was pleasing to people of different races separated from each other. The court sentenced us to a year in prison. However, they gave us an alternative - 25 years of exile outside of Virginia. I>

We left our home town and hired a lawyer. Then we really started to struggle ... but not for our rights and for our love. Fortunately, we were two and we did not fight alone! Not without the help of kind people, we finally managed to win this thing. And 12 June 1967 the US Supreme Court unanimously: "The freedom to marry - a vital personal right of every free man, his basic civil rights». I>

It is strange that my generation disagree that now seems self-evident. I have lived long enough to say with confidence that since that time, much has changed. Fears and prejudices of the older generation outlived her. Today's young people understand that they have the right to marry that they love. I>

Now I'm surrounded by children and grandchildren. Frankly, it was not a day that I did not think about Richard, our great love with him and how important it is, in spite of public opinion, to be free to marry who you care about. I believe that every person has a right to. The government should not pry into other people's privacy, especially if it is contrary to human rights ». I>

This romantic story has inspired and will inspire a generation of lovers. Love - a huge force. Sometimes it seems that love and reckless. Love - is the feeling that is worth fighting for. No one has the right to tell someone in whom to fall in love or marry. This is a personal right of everyone. Listen to your heart, love, be loved and share this inspiring story of life with your friends.

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