That's what I understand, no luck! 23 meetings with the animals, which would be better to avoid ...

Everyone knows that people behave terribly towards nature. Therefore, it is often necessary to pay for his sins, left alone with the fauna. Animals - being fair, and if so to some Homo sapiens annoy them enough - they will defend themselves. As you know, the best defense - the attack. Looking through these pictures, you come to the conclusion that these people are not exactly big trouble. When confronted head-on with the fauna flown into a rage, poor guy realized that it smells like kerosene: it is necessary to take the legs up and run aimlessly. That's just not all of them were lucky to escape ...

Look myself to this selection of photos, where meeting people with pets were very epic. Frankly, I would not want to be in place of the unfortunate - at the moment they probably flew in front of the eyes of the whole of life, and the most avid atheists horror began to read prayers and access to heaven. 23 This striking example of what someone's day is clearly not specified ...

Home - Feign Death!

Barsik, I told you not to jump on my shoulder!

A second before ...

I to you now in the two accounts show that such a bear to wake up in the winter!

It seems that someone has a serious problem.

I to you now all Patli tear bastard!

It is perhaps pobudet in the car ...

synchronized swimming - a dangerous sport.

Bambi is not the same ...

It looks like the hippopotamus today very much in the spirit.

I also asked only to push the car, you overdid it!

«Dancing with the Tigers" - is on all channels of the country.

I now so you'll scratch the back - remember for a lifetime!

Let me check, if your head fit in my mouth ... Well, my size!

Nothing special, I was just going through, I go on. B>

The main thing is to have time to make a good shot - and Instagram.

Best Self seagulls on the version of 2015.

And you, clubfoot, there is no place!

It's time to wash off!

You do not see that he is white and fluffy ...

I love you more than life and will not let go!

Be careful, the knife in the back. Rather, stick side. Danger, anyway! B>

I'll show you how to make a shot in a million!

Oh, that's not lucky people ... Apparently, that day they ran across the road hundreds of black cats, and even grannies three dozen empty buckets passed. Be careful when you want to deal with the wild - they may be, to put it mildly, not happy with your company. Like the post? Share it with friends and family.


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