What Women Want.

The woman - any - only three requirements. If you think that this apartment, a car and a fur coat - you are mistaken. Everything is much easier and more affordable.
Ruslan Narushevich calls these needs "Three letters B".
1. Proximity
2. Thanks
3. Safety

The proximity
Women are very social and are dependent on communication. We do not understand why you go underground. Because it is natural for us to meet her friends and socialize.

Everything that we do in life, ultimately has one goal - to feel the closeness with other people. We really enjoy intimate conversations with friends, romance, intimacy and love.
And we really want you to feel, to know what is in your heart. We call you and ask, "Where are you?" Several times a day. Not to be controlled. And just to hear what you think about us. At least sometimes.

We live negative emotions, talk about them. Therefore, when we see you in a serious condition, so you want to call (Although at this time you want to be alone). And we want, when we can be difficult for you to talk to us. It is not easy, especially for you. After all, we all together - and the feelings and thoughts, and events. But if you remember that we just need to talk and cry in your shoulder - you may find it easier.
We do not want advice, recipes, resumes. We just want you to listen to us, hugged and said, "My little, surely you are now very difficult. But I'm with you. And I love you »
Yes, we want to hear all the time that you love us. For you, it's stupid, but for us - it is necessary as air. We want to understand that today we are as close as yesterday. That you still love us.

We, like you, want to feel valuable and necessary. It is important to understand that each cooked dinner you accept with gratitude. What do you value every clean shirt in his closet. What is important to you, our beauty and grooming.
We love compliments. Madly. After using them, we feel that you love us. What are you grateful to us and close. At the same time it is very important to your compliments were varied, aimed at our quality and were sincere.

We are incredibly vulnerable and sensitive. Even if outwardly we build thick walls and shells, inside we have always lived a little fragile girl. And we really want us to be taken care of.
Sometimes we seem from the outside armored tanks, and you think that your concern to us to anything. But without it we lose their femininity and beauty. More than anything, we dream about how to take care of us.
We think that it's easy - to shake hands when leaving the bus, hold the door to help with heavy bags, to meet late at night from work, listen to us in the difficult moments .... Maybe for you it's really easy - especially the latter. But we like it. For this concern, we are ready to inspire you to worship and take care of you.

Even more, we want to stop working from dawn to dusk and begin to create at home. Create harmony in it, love the atmosphere. We want to be close to our children, to prepare you magnificent dinners, home buying new curtains. That is our nature - we want to do and to be women.

And you may think that not every woman wants. But the look in her eyes and deep inside you'll see the little girl, which is so like to create the world around them.


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