What men want.

Every woman marries at it would be useful to have "instructions" to her husband. As well as the man was very useful to the "Order" to his wife.
Mice are different !!!
When a woman thinks a man has the same needs as her, she tries to give him a closeness, security and gratitude. It's women's basic needs!
But for some reason this concerns a man does not stand up. This is not surprising when you learn that the man only 3 basic needs.

1. Be fit
2. To be free
3. Is so, what is
And the saddest thing is that they are very often in conflict in family life. Married - and seems to be needed. But it is not free. A married - and free. But no one needs. If married, but his wife eternally dissatisfied - and it is not free, and is not needed.

Give a feeling of being wanted
The man likes to give protection. This man's nature. Of course, we do not always see the willingness of men to take responsibility. Sometimes their male nature so trampled women, they are afraid of responsibility. Although only responsibility is able to make them happy.
And to ensure that the burden was not for them serious, we can give them extra strength. This force for men - awareness of its usefulness. So life made sense.
Women are focused on the process, and therefore they should always be something. A man needs a result. To reach the summit - received a standing ovation. Rested and went to conquer new.

Give a sense of freedom
Sometimes men need to be alone. Go into the cave, says John Gray. The only way he can put in order thoughts and feelings. This cave can be an office or a separate room in the house. It may be some cafe or gym. Options may be different - the main thing that at this point he can safely be alone, and no one will touch it.

He may be good at home, but constant presence at home erodes his masculine nature. His call to act outside. He is like the wind, which can not be locked within the four walls - otherwise it is not the wind.
He needs to be free. At least feel that he could at any time to be alone, and no one will disturb him. Then the family will cease to be felt as heavy fetters, shackled hand and foot.

To survive anger - men need to stay in his cave.
To survive something heavy - he also needed his cave.
But the most important thing for him to feel again the love of his family - he, too, need to be alone.
And a wise woman lets her husband in this cave. That he's filled with power and energy. That he realized again how important and beloved wife.

It is much easier to let go of her husband in the cave, if we are able to keep him occupied. After all this time, you can take care of yourself and your body, meet friends, learn Women in the Arts - instead of waiting for him to come back.

Men need to communicate with men.
Men's nature needs to share the male energy. Therefore, loving woman glad her husband's friends.


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