SUCCESS men and women.

Man is important not just a success, and the realization that he has made his own. This is the basis of his self-realization, and no one better than a woman does not try to break it hope for independence. She is always there with his advice. When a man is ready to make a decision in his heart there was a joy to have a hero, his wife's advice sounds like a shot in the back.

Why is this happening - because of the small number of children in the family. Help - a natural maternal instincts towards children. But her husband - not a child, and it has long been sick of custody and control. Little children - my husband will become a child for his wife. And then he lost his drug - to give solution to the problem.
On the other hand, a woman is by nature intuitive, and without thinking it very accurately tells a man that was given to him with great difficulty. It hurts very logical man. He can not understand how his wife knew nothing about the subject matter, without hesitation blurted out that he hatched a few days. Women, remember, intuition should not appear before men statements.

For this man lives. He is waiting for will be needed and then with great joy in my heart and cold expression on his face will give you a solution. And do not expect to continue communication. As soon as the man found the answer to the problem, its interest in the immediately disappears. A man should keep in mind that you need to make a decision only when a woman is tired to talk, otherwise it will be his shot her in the back.

Help the man - it means he does not get in the way! And God forbid lay out his clothes for "their" places. This is already fraught with serious problems ... Cleaning - it is not shifting things from place to place, it is their alignment. Otherwise, search for the missing items will void all of your efforts to restore order in five minutes.

The desire to improve what has already made a man - it is dangerous to family life. The man is very happy with his work, and, if he did not ask for better nothing better, otherwise it will be in his eyes the destruction, rather than an improvement. It is not necessary to improve men and all that they have done and decided they did not appreciate. Your very good advice it can be perceived as a personal insult, especially when the man that something does not work. The best thing about this time - show all views that you believe in him, and was overjoyed when he finds a way out.

A woman is important to not that she was told, and as she said it. That she felt when she said it. And what it made an impression on those who were there ... For women the main thing - the mood, and they express it his whole life. This is the reason for this diversity of women's wardrobe.

Man quite some trousers and pants, he does not guess even the wash. But the woman expresses her feelings through appearance. How many senses - many options of clothing she needs. This hard labor for a woman when her mood changed and she expressed it can not. It usually sounds like "I did nothing to wear».

There are many differences, but to understand the principle of relationships, we can easily pick up the key to the heart of our loved ones. And the next thing we are interested in is the fact that our relations are certain cycles of development, and studies Vedic psihonumerologiya. This means that every day of the week painted a certain way of care and love, we need to understand and implement, through their own trial and error ...


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