Day mode is based on the theory of three doshas. Dosh - is energy. There are 3 types of doshas:
Vata - elements and energy of the air and ether
Pitt - elements and energy of fire and water
Kapha - elements and energy of water and land.

Brief description of the doshas:
Vata - energy that moves everything and everything spreads in the body. On the physical level: blood pressure, bowel movement, breathing. On the mental level - it is the energy of the nervous system: regulates nerve impulses, controls the mind and motivates the mind - thoughts and feelings.
Pitt - catabolic fire energy (energy metabolism - the metabolism). It is the energy of digestion, digestion and appetite for nat. level and assimilation of information on the mental level.
Kapha - anabolic nutritive energy. Energy stability and sustainability. At the physical layer is responsible for the construction of the body tissue, gives elasticity and stability of the body, but it lubricates and moistens, imparting softness and elasticity of the body simultaneously. On the mental level gives stability and strength of spirit, but it also gives kindness, forgiveness and softness in character.

So, the day begins with sunrise and ends with his calling.
Day divided into three parts:
Morning - the predominance of Vata
Day - Pitta
Evening - Kapha.
Each of these parts is divided into 3 parts:

Morning / Vata:
1. Early morning from 4 to 6 hours. Vata dominates. At this time, well cleaned and engage in spiritual practice - read prayers and moods, yoga and meditation.
2. Average morning from 6 to 8. Pitt prevails. Activates digestion. Breakfast time.
3. Late morning from 8 to 10 am. Preobl. Kapha. During vigorous activity

Day / Pitt:
1. Early day from 10 to 12. (Note that the day begins at 10 am solar time, not in 12 normal, as many are accustomed to thinking. Though 12:00 and is called - noon). Vata time. The active work related to energy consumption.
2. Average daily from 12 to 14. Pitt. Lunch time. Active digestive fire caused by time of day and Pitta Pitta average day. at this time, you can dine well, everything is fine digest.
3. Late day from 14 to 16. Kapha. Continued activity not related to the analytical work.

Evening / Kapha:
1. Early evening from 16 to 18. Vata time. Shutdown.
2. Average evening from 18 to 20. Pitta time. Light dinner.
3. Late night from 20 to 22. Kapha time. Ready for bed, make the mind to rest.

1. Rannya night. Vata. from 22 to 24.
2. The average night. Pitt. from 00 to 02 hours.
3. Late Night with 02 to 04. Kapha.

It is very important at what time a person sleeps. Sleep is associated with the moon. Sleep time - is to obtain energy of the Moon - Ojas, which gives a person psychic energy. The peak activity of this energy - at midnight. The maximum activity of sleep ± 3 hours from midnight.
If time does not go to sleep, you will not have a rest various structures of the subtle body, which break from 21 to 23 hours. At this time, the mind gains strength. If a person at this time does not sleep, then over the years, there is depression, mental exhaustion, apathy, lack of motivation to work.

from 23 pm until after midnight during sleep the body is filled with prana, the vital energy. If a person does not sleep at this time, he has produced chronic fatigue syndrome.

from 01 until 03 o'clock at night resting emotional sphere of man. If a person is at this time not sleeping, there is irritability, frustration.

If a person gets up later, too late to eat, he has produced its own rhythm, which is contrary to the rhythms of the universe.


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