A woman needs to be understood, and not give advice.

A woman needs to be understood, and not give advice. But the man in this regard is often a completely wooden. He listens to a woman who was in her words the problem and immediately gives the solution and is pleased about his business. Therefore, the recipe is quite complicated for men to love his wife - a love to hear it. This is the main feature of compatibility, all the rest - are secondary.

Women are weak, it is not suitable for austerity and hardship, it is easier, and her heart softened. On the basis of its softness, not stupidity as men think, it can easily become entangled in a critical situation (the inscription on the car - I confuse pedals). That is why it needs softness and serenity. Three times a day a man must embrace his wife. Regular heat need a woman, as a man is a regular meal.

If a man does not want to listen to fundamentally a woman - she will begin to look for ways to get his attention, and then just wait for what you want, women are very resourceful.
On the other hand, the consciousness of the woman calms down, when the external environment is calm: there is food, house, money. This is the real psychology - to know how to defuse the situation when a relationship or situation is strained ...


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