House of Salvador Dali

Catherine writes: Port-Lligat - mileyshaya fishing village near Cape Cap de Creus, which will get to the scenic mountain road. House Dali we found right away, you can say intuitively, though nothing strange - in a gorodochke very difficult to get lost.

I think that this structure can be regarded as a kind of puzzle that turned into what we can see right now for many years. (1929-1982) opposite the museum - an old house with a sundial on the facade

So sharply, without preliminaries, we get into the hall. We met a polar bear (he's light, he's umbrella stand), or rather its skin and surprise owl. This so-called Bear hall

Because of the narrow hallway, narrow stairways we find ourselves in the dining room. Dali called her "little refectory" in the 30 years he has worked here. (I think the other part of the house at that time still did not exist) Antique benches and tables of the 17th century, chandeliers made of wrought iron, made from sketches of Dali on the wall hangs a portrait of Philip IV.

On the right wall is a huge poster of bullfighting in Figueres.

We pass down the same a narrow corridor and get to the library. Only instead of some book dummies, these books are in the center of the study of creativity of Dali in Figueres. But here without that eyes run, then you and stuffed with three swans Bay Port Lligat, and a stuffed eagle on the old cabinet, The Penitent Magdalene, wooden arm of a warrior with small flags, armfuls of Helichrysum, who so loved the Gala. From the window of the library offers a great view, they say, Dali and Gala liked to spend time here and read a book, admiring the bay. As I understand them!

The view from the outdoor terrace.

Fireplace. Chairs, creating the effect of a live perspective.

Here you can pay attention to the stairs - the transitions between rooms. Very much a miniature. Not surprisingly, the House museum allowed a maximum of 10 people at a time. By the way, I forgot to say, tickets will cost you somewhere in the 11 euro per person. They must be ordered via the Internet on the official website network Dali Museum.

To get to the studio, we are back to the hallway and go through the side of the cupboard, rising a little higher. This room appeared in the house around 1949, immediately after his return from Dali prolonged trip to the USA. My attention was attracted not immediately understood the mechanism of leaving a huge gap in the floor. It appeared that a mechanical frame for work on large-scale works! Brilliant! So that's how it's done) Dali could write any part of the picture, more comfortable sitting in this very chair.

Dali 3D experiences. Note the pattern left predominant green, red right, between the two mirrors. When you put the tip of the nose to the edges of the mirrors must obtain three-dimensional image. But there's nothing I can not say exactly, to touch objects in the house of Dali, of course, prohibited. I believe in the word. Such installations (as it turned out) a lot in the Theater-Museum Dalí in Figueres. They can and touch and poke his nose, and sit next to them.

Rear glasses. Diverse. Yes, what is there not in his studio. By the way, remember the shape of the piece of foam, it is useful to you when we get to the patio Dali;)

Oh, why did I peeked into the room. Incomprehensible horror to the mattress a dream to me now nightmares.

Yellow Room. Apparently, it got its name in honor of the upholstery on the sofas of her filling. And the snail, by the way, not just a figure, a lamp + hours / snail lives on the table, made from sketches Dali.

Another interesting light.

Climb up into seven steps. We see a huge cage, canaries before it was inhabited.

I almost forgot about the mirror! Yes, yes, the very mirror paintings "Dali from the back, from the back burner Gala immortalized six virtual corneas temporarily reflected by six mirrors real» (1972-1973)

It is located also in the yellow room, but not just hanging on the wall, and is located at an angle (relative to the window) to wake up early in the morning Dali could see the rays of the rising sun is not getting out of bed. Conveniently) on the mirror is a huge mock-up of wheat, symbolizing the birth of a new day, as I understand.

Going up another seven steps above, we will get to the bedroom, and Gala Dali. On the bed by the window (left) slept Dali, Gala Right. The composition of the headboards crowned imperial golden eagle with a big ring in its beak.

It is the only bedroom in the house, maybe the house initially and only rely on the Gala and Dali.

Of course, attention is drawn to a huge snow-white fireplace, made from sketches Dali. Whitewashed, like the walls, the space focus edged masonry, forming a circle. To the left and right of the fireplace slowly appear stone sofas, stuffed lamb, a collection of canes, which gathered Dali, and objects made by the artist from the foil. Now, attention! Samovar) seems to Gala did not forget his homeland)

Jewellery Gala.

Below is an oval room, decorated in taste Gala and in general for her and created. Then she rested on the heavy burden of the bohemian life, sometimes received visitors. The room is shaped like a sea urchin shell and the entire perimeter is surrounded by a solid sofa. Spherical ceiling helps to create a reflection effect of sound, and any spoken word, could be heard throughout the room.

Gala placed in an oval room set of any memorable detail. In the picture a little Gala brothers.

Slowly we have seen off from the museum, a visit is strictly limited. But this I know, of course, at the last moment and I have to return to the house to capture a huge collage that Gala years to collect on the door is his wardrobe.

And now we are in the yard Dali consider enigmatic figures.

Most of the spare time Dalí spent here and it was in the courtyard of the house proceeded social life spouses. Garden furniture and dining room with the head of a rhinoceros whitewashed as the entire patio.

Dali each year vybelival whole house some special solution, by his own recipe.

Mysterious labyrinth yard. Wherever glance - always interesting.

Comrade Dali, Andy Warhol hello.

Arbour, the temple is the brightest ornament of the courtyard, guarded stuffed plush lion and two pythons, uvivshimi all around) in the central niche of the gazebo is a signal spotlight from Cape Creus (in operation, by the way, the state), and the right of the skull of the elephant. The photo is not very noticeable, but the left and right of the lighthouse are two white chairs in white covers, I think they sat Dali and Gala during the "tricks».

Swimming pool with a fountain in the shape of swans. Returning to the subject of the foam, you recognize?) The strange turn, of course, but the basis for the layout of this building was taken form the protective packaging the radio, which we saw in the workshop)

Huge coral from Cape Creus.

I really wanted to, of course, the sway of this gazebo, but can only watch from a distance)

Several times in the text referred to the Cape Creus. Before him, we too have reached, we have evidence) fotochki Here, for example. During this beacon has an outdoor cafe with delicious sangria and stunning views of the sea and sky, where you can sit for hours all by releasing all the thoughts away. But here there is no evidence, because I was in nirvana was not before)

And a few photos taken early in the morning, on the way to the house of the Dali Museum, as I said, kind of exciting!



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