Salvador and his local graffiti

Salvador is a fascinating country located in Central America. Vivid, rich culture of the country each year attracts an increasing number of tourists. In addition to the charm and interesting things, there is another side of the coin: war and crime. In this country the highest murder rate in America. Despite such dangers, tourists love this country.

The brightness and the feature of this country give a unique graffiti located on the territory of the whole country.

Street work carries a lot of sense. In the works of street artists can be seen and social instability, and strained relations, and many other problems of the country.

For many years, El Salvador suffered from internal conflicts and civil war. From 1980 to 1992, there were about 70,000 victims. Now artillery shells, and mountain hideouts have become tourist attraction. The city Perquin turned into a Museum dedicated to the revolution.

In addition to tours of the locations where unique graffiti, visitors can purchase original artwork, enjoy pupusas – the traditional food of El Salvador, and enjoy the scenic views of the countryside.


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