Millions of euros in the London Waterloo

Kurt new masterpiece Venus at the railway station Waterloo attracts the attention of every passerby his "wealth».

And here's a link (to kill the working time) yet different graffiti artists and the "working" class:
01. Amazing paintings on the street by Kurt Wanner (Kurt Wenner) (16 photos + video)
02. 3D pictures (15 photos)
03. Graffiti (52 photos)
04. Graffiti light (51 photos)
05. Street art in Brazil (61 photos)
06. Ukrainian graffiti (51 photos)
07. Huge graffiti (15 photos)
08. Graffiti by Antony Micallef (32 photos)
09. Stunning Graffiti Banksy (98 photos)
10. Beautiful work on the walls (39 photos)


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