Graffiti - what is it?

The emergence of modern graffiti can be attributed to the early 1920-ies. However, the emergence of graffiti movement in its modern sense is connected with activity of political activists who used graffiti to spread their ideas. Also graffiti was applied to street gangs such as the Savage Skulls ("Wild Skull"), La Familia, Savage Nomads, the ("Wild Nomads") to mark "their" territory.

Graffiti movement took competitive nature, and artists set out to paint the entire city. They wanted their names appeared in each district of new York. Ultimately, the standards and requirements established in the early 1970s, obsolete, and by the early 1980s, many writers were eager for change.

Graffiti the free (so to speak) means of expression. Write, draw about what they want, not afraid to break any of the rules and regulations, there are no taboos and prohibitions. In General, the complete freedom of creativity. And this creativity most often we see on the street (walls of buildings, garages, subways, telephone booths, asphalt yards, etc.); transport is also used for drawing, and, of course, we cannot forget the porches and stairs. If we talk about large cities, there is the so-called gallery of graffiti, ie walls, completely painted with paint.

Graffiti is really an art, art of expression, art to draw their own I.

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