Acrobatic water freestyle

The French champion aquabike Franky Zapata came up with incredible idea — to invent a mechanism by which people can take off from the water and float in the air. In Doha already held the world championship flaibano. The device consists of a pair of jet boots attached to the Board, and manual stabilizers.

Design connects to the watercraft long flexible hose, which discharges water to flaibano. This is an original and deceptively simple device mounts on any powerful motor jet skis. Flyboard is a pair of jet boots and handheld stabilizers connected to the watercraft long flexible hose, which discharges water to flaibano. The design allows you to fly above the water surface to a height of 9 meters to tumble in the air and sail through the waves like Aquaman.

Flyboard (Flyboard) are connected by flexible hose with a metal nozzle that is attached to the jet watercraft. Using flexible fitting powerful water pressure is supplied to a pair of jet shoes, is rigidly fixed on the Board, the type of snowboard crepe. Stabilization in air is carried by two water cannons attached to the arms of the swimmer. Flyboard (Flyboard) provides an excellent opportunity to perform many gymnastic and acrobatic tricks, which suggests the development of a new aquatic acrobatic freestyle.

Given the crazy amount of horsepower available current water monsters (the jet ski with turboaggregates, etc.) flyboard seems to be truly extravagant and awesome way to relax in the summer.

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