16 stunning gadgets that will make this summer unforgettable

If you are going to the beach or want to spend a summer day on the backyard, here are a few things that will make your time really exciting. Just don't forget the sunscreen! 1. Klodawa wine glasses Many people do not like to SIP wine from the ice glasses when they bask in the hot sun, they prefer to throw in a few frozen wine grapes, but this invention is even better! These cooling wine glasses should be kept in the freezer and the frozen gel inside them will keep your wine cool for much longer. You can also put them in the fridge to keep red wine for him temperature.

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2. Unique chair for comfortable reading on vacation It's brilliant! With this purchasing, you can relax by the pool or on the beach, hiding his face, a book or iPad from the sun. Extra comfort, with hand holes and a recess for the chest.

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3. Waterproof phone case for This case is just a necessary device if you are going to spend the day at the water Park. It is equipped with a strap that secures it to your wrist or loop on the pocket. In addition, this cover has a universal size that fits any smartphone and even iPhone 6 plus. And best of all, it can be priority on Amazon all for$10!

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4. A device for making ice chips Thanks to this device you have the option to turn lubco the liquid into ice chips in less than one minute. To do this, put the bowl in the freezer for 2 hours to gel in the walls is frozen, then you pour into a container with the required liquid and squeeze it. That's all! The longer the liquid is in the tank, the harder it turns out the ice chips.

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5. Sustainable beverage holders When you are on the beach, such holder is a must! Just stick them in the sand and they are a reliable stand for your drinks or other things that they can not hit the sand.

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  6. Inflatable mini bar This mini bar is reminiscent of a small pool filled with ice, and perfect in its form in order to put it on the table. In addition, it has a hole prednaznachennoe for easy draining of water after use mini baru

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7. Multifunctional water lounger The beauty of this water lounger is that it does not need to cheat, and besides, it adopts any form and you can lie and sit in it as you wish.

8. Water table for ping-pong If you thought ping-pong no more cannot be improved, you can now play it in the pool! This water table is somewhat less traditional, what you will need to get used to, but still it is very convenient for igry. In addition, it can be used on land during cooler periods when you are not swimming.

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  9. Juicer watermelon This prisposoblenie turn a watermelon or pumpkin in a dispenser for cocktails and punch.

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10. Wine2Go Wine2Go is a really convenient soft container for the storage of wine or other beverages that udobnosti with a pic nick, the beach or a concert.

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11. Water chair This is an incredibly comfortable chair will allow you to rest elegantly on the water, and can also be used as a normal chair on land.

12. Waterproof music speakers These water speakers connect to any device equipped with bluetooth. They float on the water surface so that the speaker is always over the water.

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13. Klodawa dishes for food Despite the simple design, it is a dish consisting of two branches is the perfect device to keep food fresh on a hot summer day. Ideal for parties and buffets in the open air!

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14. Children's splash pool Quickly and easily typed with a hose for water and requires minimal space, allowing you to place it even on the smallest yard. Let your children have fun and don't overheat in the sun all day!

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15. Bag for wine and other beverages This bag is perfect for travel and to bring drinks to a party. Easy and convenient to use, it also has a space for cooling packages that will retain the freshness of any drink.

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16. Cooling Mat for dogs This rug will perfectly cool your pet in hot summer day! Working litter due to the pressure, so all you need to activate it — make your pet lay down on the carpet.

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