11 the best family films

Many of us have forgotten, when quietly watching a movie, sitting in the same room with the child, not to throw the remote every time on the screen someone someone squeezes the eyes or on the contrary, sensually rubbing parts of the body.
In light of my recent events, here's a selection of the best family movies with the kids.

1. The secret garden / The Secret Garden (1993)

Three children find themselves in a rural house and find a locked gate in a deserted garden... Suddenly the meadow, hidden from prying eyes, wakes up and begins to re-live your fabulous life...

2. Black beauty / Black Beauty (1994)

History of the Black Handsome man has become one of the world's most beloved stories about animals since its inception in 1887, the Main character is a wonderful horse named Black beauty, the events of whose life, joy and sadness, bringing him from a cloudless carefree existence on the cobblestone streets of London, where are all the different appointments and tests.

3. Big / Big (1988)

12-year-old boy really wants to become great, so his wish is coming true. He seems to be infused into the body of 30-year-old male, what it will be after many years. This adult child makes a spectacular career in the business of toys — a large toy store, a favorite child of a businessman McMillan. But nature takes its. Being big is good, but skip the child is also not desirable.

4. Curly Sue / Curly Sue (1991)

A vagrant con artist bill Dancer and in the care of quick-witted curly-haired little orphan destiny brought into the heart of Chicago. At this time, bill was lucky: his harmless fraud leads them out of the homeless shelters in a luxurious mansion. They portray the hit bill under the wheels of the car, at the wheel which was a rich young woman. Fearing for the life of bill, she invites him and sue to live temporarily in her house...

5. Stardust / Stardust (2007)

A small English village the ancient wall is separated from the supernatural parallel universe, where there is magic and sorcery. Young Tristan thorn rashly promised the most beautiful girl of the village that would bring her flying from the sky a star that had fallen on the other side of the wall.
On your way in the footsteps of ancient legends Tristan will meet the all-powerful king and his conspirator, a son, a powerful witch, the captain of a pirate ship and a cunning dealer, and will find their true love, the key to understanding its nature and destiny, about which he could only dream of.

6. Dolphin tale / Dolphin Tale (2011)

Boy Sawyer finds a wounded Dolphin washed ashore. They are transported to a hospital for marine animals and give him the nickname winter. Because of the injury the Dolphin loses tail, making his survival almost impossible. But thanks to a loyal friend Sawyer, an experienced marine biologist and brilliant prosthetist who created a new tail, Winter could return to normal life.

7. Dreamer / Dreamer: Inspired by a True Story (2005)

The film is based on real events. Father and daughter — two lonely souls, living under the same roof. Despite the deep affection, in fact they are very far from understanding.
But everything changes when little Cale asked his father to cure his beloved horse. This becomes the starting point in the new history of love and affection, a new life and a new family and true friendship.

8. Immortal / Tuck Everlasting (2002)

Fantastic story on the subject of immortality. In 1914 a girl from a wealthy family, accidentally finds deep in the woods (owned by her father), a hut where lives a very unusual family. These same people looking for the mysterious man in the yellow suit, which has about their own plans...

9. Penguins of Mr. Popper / Mr. Popper''s Penguins (2011)

What a pig sometimes only nor the fate of carrier! However, this time she decided to do more exotic animals.
Successful businessman inherits six penguins and literally fell in love with them. The work is abandoned, luxury apartments are converted into the abode of snow-covered, it even almost reaches the prison. But is there any regret about tinsel, even gold, if instead you open such an unusual, yet so real world?

10. The Spiderwick Chronicles / The Spiderwick Chronicles (2008)

When the grace family moves into an old house, standing on the edge, begin to happen strange things. Trying to figure out what's going on, Jared discovers the journal of Arthur Spiderwick and reveals the incredible truth about the estate: it is hidden from the eyes of mysterious land populated by fantastic creatures! In an effort to protect the secret, Jared, his sister and twin brother experience an unforgettable adventure.

11. Charlotte's web / Charlotte's Web (2006)

Unlike all the other people and animals, girl fern knows that Wilbur is a very special creature — he knows much more than just a pig. After moving to a new farm Wilbur finds himself another friend — a spider named Charlotte.
Their friendship shows all the animals around that physical differences are not an obstacle for real feelings. When comes the news that the days of Wilbur considered, it seems like only a miracle can save him. But sure Charlotte is looking for a way to convince the farmer that Wilbur doesn't deserve the axe...


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