Lately there are more and more devices for entertainment on the water, based on the movement of the user by means of strong water jets. Here and designer Jourmal, Yao (Jurmol Yao) decided to create their own far-reaching concept that can raise extreme water sports to a whole new level. The project is a cross between a self-governing wakeboard and water ski. The device is equipped with a propulsion system built directly into the bottom part of the Board, which allows adrenaline junkies literally seconds to ascend into the air, or even to go under water.

This is a device called the Flyboard (Flying Board) comes complete with equipment for the implementation of e-governance, which makes you move the throttle under the power of the physical loading, opening and closing it, which leads Flyboard in action and, respectively, quits his job. This method allows to improve the quality and accuracy of flight, and use intuitive management system for exceptional sensations.

Of course, this project is incredibly interesting, but is likely to give most users a sense of deja vu, as this concept repeats already become an extremely popular activity with the same name from the company Zapata racing. The only thing you can assume: it is a kind of redesign, where there is no need for any other devices, except the water of the skateboard. But it is difficult to assume that even the most well-standing on feet, people will be able to balance on only one Board. In addition, this requires more powerful, but at the same time with this compact engine. But in any case, let's hope that the designer will succeed in all his plans and soon we will have one summer of water fun more.

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