The best examples of the merger of sports and technology today

Flyboard is a new water sport
Sometimes the emergence of a new device, creates a new sport. This also happened with a device known as the Flyboard, it allowed a person to literally fly over the water, perform incredible somersaults.


Mini MINI for the London Olympics — a real sports car
MINI MINI is the smaller of four times the copy of the MINI E. It was created specifically for the Olympic games 2012 in London. And intended this vehicle for the maintenance of competition – the transport of cores, discs, copies, and other sports equipment.


miCoach Smart Ball – smart ball football
A couple of years there is a soccer ball, is able to automatically determine, he crossed the goal line or not. miCoach Smart Ball by Adidas knows how much more. It can even act as a personal coach for a football player to help Tom to hone skills for applying a variety of kicks (free kick, corner, penalty, range, etc.)


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