In Singapore launched the first taxi without driver

Road traffic in Singapore, is likely to have serious changes. As the streets of this city came the first car without a driver that in the near future may result in the complete modernization of the transport in this tiny Asian country.


It turned out, not only such major corporations as Gоogle and Audi are working on developing and improving the technology of the autopilot on the machines. Similar activities are undertaken and where smaller agencies, for example, a group of scientists from Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. They even made and launched to the streets of the city-state's first vehicle without a driver. This car has received the title of Induct.

Induсt moves due to the electric motor which enables the vehicle to reach the speed of 20 kilometers per hour. This, of course, relatively few, but for trips in the city do not actually need. Average speed of traffic in Singapore does not exceed this figure.

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