Google has opened the first brand store

Corporation Gоogle finally decided that has long made Apрle and Microsoft – have opened their own shop. He appeared in Melbourne, and is called Andrоidland. Moreover, there will be sold the products are not the most Gоogle and its partners.
When Aрple decided to open their own General stores ApрleStore, many reacted to this idea with skepticism. But experience shows that Steve jobs had calculated everything very well, every year these stores bring "apples" about ten billion dollars. In the end Aрple example was followed by Microsoft. And now Gоogle tightened Andrоidland first store opened not long ago in the Australian city of Melbourne.

Of course, Gоogle, unlike Apрle and Microsoft almost never releases its tangible products. And the operating system Android is open-source and available to anyone. So under the roof Andrоidland shall be gathered the products of the largest companies-partners Gоogle – Amipd, LG, Mоtorola and NTS.

After all, these companies produce hundreds or even thousands of digital devices that are running Android. And now the Corporation Goоgle decided to collect many of them in one store, so that his guests were able to navigate all this diversity, to look at offers from different manufacturers, twist them, and use then to make a reasoned choice.

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