What you need to eat before practice?

Cereals for energy

If you need cardio training, then you need to give preference to cereals. For example, brown rice or oatmeal. They are full of nutrients, provide energy (after all, this carbohydrates) and do not fit such a heavy load in the stomach.


Proteins – the building material for muscles.

If you want to shape a beautiful muscle profile, then you need to include in your diet proteins. But not in the form of fatty meat. Before training eat a boiled egg or some cheese, tofu or peanut butter. In short, if You have strength training, do not forget about the proteins.

Fiber controls the feelings of hunger.

If you have been eating for a long time, then you need to eat some foods that are full of fiber. It can be fruits or grains that are blended with skim or soy milk.

If training late in the day

Then you should quickly recharge. In this case, the best option is plain yogurt that you mix with a small amount of fruit or some cheese with low fat content.

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