The fixture against jellyfish

Jellyfish are amazing creatures. They are beautiful, unusual and impress us the most bizarre shapes and colors. In General, they're fine... as long as they don't sting. Few people know how painful a burn from a jellyfish and some species of jellyfish can even kill a person. So everyone who loves the ocean and the opportunities that it provides (swimming, diving, surfing), jellyfish don't like.

But fortunately for all fans of ocean activities to help them come a group of researchers, comprised of designers Dong Woo Kang (Dong-Woo Kang), Jang Hoon Yang (Jung-Hoon Yang), Kyung-Chan Han (Kyung-Chan Han), Kyung-RoK Kang (Kyung-Rok Kang), Kyung-Hong Kim (Kyung-Hong Kim), Jeon Minji (Minji Jeon) and fairly well-known developer of several concepts related to the marine environment, Heimo Bao (Bao Haimo). They came up with the Ocean Guard system (which means "ocean guard"), similar to that patented in 90-e years, but apparently left unclaimed. The principle of their system is very simple: it provides a series of buoys that emit very low frequency sound waves. These sound waves do not allow the jellyfish to swim in a line, lined up the buoys at the border of a certain area of the ocean.

This is probably one of the most useful inventions, which are generally able to come up with a man, because it is able to maintain health and even human life. So no wonder this is safe for humans and not harmful to the jellyfish, the method has even won the International prize unsurpassed development of IDEA (The International Design Excellence Awards). This is what is called "peaceful coexistence"! And if the system had helped to drive away from the coastal area of sharks and other dangerous predators, I have not been.

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