Medusae lake declared an Underwater wonder of the world

Medusae lake is located in the island nation of Palau, which is located in the Philippine sea of the Pacific ocean, North of Indonesia, and 800 kilometers to the East of the Philippines.

The Palau archipelago consists of a large number of coral island. Palau is also amazing because in the coastal waters around it are home to over 1500 different species of tropical fish, an incredible number of various types of mammals and about 130 species of sharks. The Republic of Palau in 1995 announced the Underwater wonder of the world.


On one of the Islands of Palau under the name of Eli Malk is amazing Medusae the lake. The researchers argue that it lives more than 10 million jellyfish, but to be afraid of them is not necessary, as this is the Golden jellyfish and they do not have the ability to sting. Approximately 12 thousand years ago, the Golden jellyfish was in a kind of trap in the natural pool, consisting of reefs and limestone cliffs that rose out of the water. Over the millennia due to the complete lack of predators, these jellyfishes have evolved and have almost completely lost their ability to sting.


For the vast majority of people, these jellyfish are not dangerous, but for people who have very sensitive skin or are allergic to jellyfish, it is necessary to wear a wetsuit or protective clothing. Also surprising is the mode of existence of these incredible creatures. They live at the expense of a symbiotic exchange with the algae that live inside them. At night, the jellyfish sink to the bottom of the lake where the algae absorb all the necessary substances, and in the afternoon jellyfish rise to the surface of the lake and move to the sunlight. Algae through photosynthesis turn solar energy into sugar, which subsequently feed on jellyfish. This is a wonderful collaboration of work.

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