Effective medicine, which doctors are silent. This means treating Hippocrates!

Pomegranate - the fruit of a beautiful ruby ​​grains, which brings a lot of benefits to our body. It is useful in this fruit is absolutely everything: the peel and the pulp and juice, flowers and tree and roots ... about its medicinal qualities were known to Avicenna and even the Hippocrates treated people medicine made from pomegranate. .cc has prepared for you a list of the medicinal properties of this fruit, you are sure to come in handy!

Pomegranate can quickly and effectively help with dysentery, salmonellosis, stomach ulcers, colitis, goiter and even acute appendicitis.

To prepare the medication you need to make an infusion of dry pomegranate peels. Warm the cup or glass, and put 10-12 grams of dried crusts. Then pour in 200 ml of boiling water. Cover with a saucer or paper, folded in 4 layers. Insist cover not less than 30 minutes. The drink can be consumed.

Preparation of an aqueous infusion of dried peels of pomegranate to treat all of the same disease. Application differs.

To cure in 5 hours from dysentery, salmonellosis, typhoid fever, cholera, acute appendicitis - drink water infusion so:

After insisting for about half of the liquid drink. Infusion potsezhivat do not need to, because insistence continues. After that lap capacity saucer. If you feel better, it was an ordinary diarrhea, and now you have nothing to fear. You're completely healthy. If after 10 minutes your state of health does not improve, then you or dysentery or salmonella or typhoid. Then, after 3 hours you need to drink the remaining water infusion. The treatment process lasts 3 hours (with the infusion of 3, 5 hours), and recovery occurs in 5 hours after the start of treatment.

To cure for 1 week from stomach ulcers, ulcers, bowel (small intestine), colitis (inflammation of the colon), dysbiosis - drink water infusion of dried peels of pomegranate so:

After the start of the infusion to drink the infusion. During the day you need to drink about half the water infusion (90-100 ml) for 4 doses approximately equal portions, and at regular intervals, about 20-25 ml for 1 admission. Drink a drink on an empty stomach is necessary, the first reception in the morning after sleep, and the fourth - at night, before bedtime.

You do not need to drink water infusion every day, do it every other day. This is enough for a complete cure. But if someone wants reassurance to continue treatment, such as stomach ulcers, it is possible not earlier than a week to repeat the 7-day course of treatment.

The essence of the treatment consists in the fact that throughout the gastrointestinal tract is constantly suppressed all pathogenic bacteria and their locations have successfully colonize healthy, necessary for human bacteria.

You will be interested to know that Hippocrates treated with an aqueous infusion of this incised and stab wounds. Superimposed on the wound with a clean cloth that has been soaked in water infusion of dry pomegranate peels. This cloth is constantly kept moist until wound healing.

But do not forget that before the use of pomegranate peels as a medicine you must always consult with a doctor to not aggravate their condition!

Be healthy and tell friends about this medicine!

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