This is the easiest way to ice cream at home. Ingenious life hacking!

You and the day can not live without ice cream? Then recipe, described below, have you taste. With it, you can very quickly make a delicious and delicate ice cream at home. I bet now you're going to do this dessert all the time, because its taste and simplicity will not leave you indifferent. The most interesting thing to prepare this delicious dessert you need only yogurt and a few wooden sticks!

Take any yogurt cups and without opening, insert wooden sticks.

Put the cups for a few hours in the freezer, you can leave the yogurt on the night.

When it is completely frozen, you just need to quickly dip cups in warm water to make it easier to get ice cream.

That's all. In preparation of this cold delicacy is no big deal, but the taste will take you a lot of fun. Spoil yourself this dessert more often!

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