Unknown facts about famous artists

Not quite ordinary facts of life legendary talantov.Ob famous artists you can find a wealth of information - how they lived, how to create their immortal works.

Many people usually do not think about the features of the character and way of life of the artist. But some of the facts from the biography, or history of a particular picture are sometimes very entertaining and even causes.

Pablo Picasso

Good artists copy, great - they steal.


  • When Pablo Picasso was born, the midwife finds him stillborn. Christ the child's uncle, who was smoking a cigar and saw the baby lying on the table, let the smoke in his face, and then Pablo roared. Thus, we can say that smoking is saved Picasso's life.
  • It seems that Pablo was born artist - his first word was piz, abbreviated by lapiz («pencil" in Spanish).
  • In the early years of his life in Paris, Picasso was so poor that sometimes was forced to drown his paintings instead of wood.
  • He wore long clothes, and he had long hair, which was unheard of at the time. < /
  • Full name Picasso consists of 23 words: Пабло-Диего-Хосе-Франсиско-де-Паула-Хуан-Непомусено-Мария-де-лос-Ремедиос-Киприано-де-ла-Сантисима-Тринидад-Мартир-Патрисио-Клито-Руиз-и-Пикассо.

    Vincent Van Gogh

Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Many people believe that they will be good if they do not do anything wrong.


  • The abundance of yellow and yellow spots of different colors in his paintings, believed to be caused by the consumption of large amounts of drugs for epilepsy, which evolved from the excessive use of absinthe ("Starry Night," "Sunflowers»).
  • During his hectic life, Van Gogh visited in more than one psychiatric hospital with a diagnosis from schizophrenia to manic-depressive psychosis. His most famous painting "Starry Night" was written in 1889 at a hospital in the town of Saint-Remy.
  • to commit suicide. He shot himself in the stomach, hiding in the farm yard behind a pile of manure. He was 37 years old.
  • All his life, Van Gogh suffered from low self-esteem. He sold during the life of his work, only one - Red Vineyard at Arles. And the glory came to him only after his death. If only Van Gogh knew how popular it will work.
  • The artist cut off his ear, not the whole, but only a piece of his lobes that almost does not hurt. However, until now widespread legend that Van Gogh all the amputated ear. This legend is even reflected in the characteristic behavior of the patient, which operates itself or insisting on certain transactions - it was called "Van Gogh syndrome».

    Leonardo da Vinci

    Who lives in fear, and the fear is dying.


    • Leonardo first explained why the sky is blue. In the book "About painting" he wrote, "The blue of the sky is due to the thickness of the illuminated particles of air, which is located between the Earth and located at the top of Black».
    • Leonardo was ambidexterity - equally good command of the right and left hands. It is even said that he could simultaneously write different texts by different hands. However, most of the works he wrote with his left hand from right to left.
    • He masterfully played the lyre. When the court of Milan considered the case of Leonardo, he figured there was a musician, not as an artist or inventor.
    • Leonardo the first of painters began to dismember corpses to understand the location and structure of the muscles.
    • Da Vinci was a vegetarian harsh and never drank cow's milk, as it is considered barbaric.

      Salvador Dali

      Do not be my enemies, I would not order become someone. But, thank God, enough enemies.


      • Arriving in New York in 1934, as an accessory, he was carrying a loaf of bread in length of 2 meters, and the exhibition of surrealist art in London dressed in a suit diver.
      • The web "Permanence Memory "(" Soft Watches ") Dali wrote inspired by Einstein's theory of relativity. The idea in the mind of Dali took shape when he was one hot day in August looked at a piece of Camembert cheese.
      • Dali often resorted to sleep with the key in hand. Sitting on a chair, he fell asleep with his fingers caught between the heavy key. Gradually grip weakened, the key is dropped and hits the plate lying on the floor. Occurred during naps thought might be new ideas and solutions to complex problems.
      • The great artist during his lifetime bequeathed to bury him so that at the tomb of the people could walk, so his body is immured in the wall of the Museum Dalí in Figueres. In this room, it is forbidden to take pictures with the flash.
      • nickname Salvador Dali was «Avida Dollars», which means "passionately fond of dollars".
      • Logo "lollipop" with chamomile painted Salvador Dali. In a somewhat modified form, he remained to the present day.
      • In each of the works of Dali is either a portrait or silhouette.

        Henri Matisse

        Flowers bloom everywhere for all who want to see them. blockquote>

        • In 1961, the painting of Henri Matisse's "Marine» («Le Bateau»), exhibited at the New York Museum of Modern Art, upside down hanging for 47 days. The picture hung in the gallery on October 17 and December 3 only someone saw the error.
        • Henri Matisse was suffering from depression and insomnia, sometimes sobbing in his sleep and woke up screaming. One day, for no reason he suddenly appeared in the fear of going blind. He even learned to play the violin, to earn a living as a street musician when he lost his eyesight.
        • For many years, Matisse lived in poverty. He was about 40 when he finally was able to independently provide for their families.
        • Henri Matisse never painted in the picture of the cliffs, clear crystals houses, cultivated fields.
        • In the 10 years prior to his death he was diagnosed with cancer of the duodenum, and he had to stay in a wheelchair.

          Edvard Munch

          In my art, I tried to explain to myself life and its meaning, I also tried to help others clarify their life. blockquote>

          • Munch was only 5, died of tuberculosis when his mother, and then he lost his older sister. Since the theme of death not once occurred in his work.
          • The picture of Munch's "Scream" - is the most expensive work of art sold at public auction.
          • He was obsessed with the work itself on This was stated as follows: "Write to me - it is a disease, and intoxication. The disease from which I do not want to get off, and drunkenness in which I want to stay ».

            Paul Gauguin

            Art - an abstraction, remove it from the nature of fantasizing on its basis, and think more about the creative process rather than the result.


            • The artist was born in Paris but spent his childhood in Peru. From his love for the exotic and tropical countries.
            • Gauguin easily change equipment and material. He was fond of woodcarving. Often experiencing financial difficulties, he was unable to buy paint. Then he took up the knife and wood. The doors of his house in the Marquesas Islands, he decorated with carved panels.
            • Paul Gauguin worked as a laborer on the Panama Canal.
            • Still Life artist wrote mostly without the model.
            • In 1889, a thorough study of the Bible, he wrote four paintings, which depicted himself in the image of Christ.
            • The frequent and promiscuous girls led to the fact that Gauguin contracted syphilis. ul >

              Pierre Auguste Renoir

              In the forty years I have discovered that the king of all colors - black. blockquote>

              • In about 1880 the first Renoir breaking his right hand. Rather than upset and grieve about this, he takes the brush to the left, and after a while no one doubts that the artist could write masterpieces of both hands.
              • I managed to write about 6,000 paintings in 60 years .
              • Renoir was so in love with a painting that did not stop work even in old age, rooting different forms of arthritis, and painted with a brush tied to his sleeve. Once he was a close friend of Matisse said: "Auguste, why do not you leave the painting, you do so suffer?" Renoir confined himself to answer: «La douleur passe, la beauté reste» («The pain passes, but the beauty remains»). Li >

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