Marilyn Monroe in a bikini at the pool: unknown pictures

Unknown pictures of the legendary Marilyn Monroe published in the United States. Photographer Anton Fury back in 1980

bought two envelopes with black and white negatives to "garage" sale in New Jersey. Paying for them

just two dollars, and he could not imagine who appear before his eyes when images will be printed.

After 30 years of waiting last week Fury took the negatives specialist snapshots of Marilyn Monroe - David Streets, who lives in Beverly Hills. According to the appraiser, real photos and they are made in Los Angeles, according to the architecture of Hollywood in the 50s of the last century. Streets suggests that the pictures were taken in 1950, when the famous blonde wore short hair - she was then about 24 years old.

Anton Fury says he is willing to consider selling pictures. However, fears that they may reclaim their rights man taking the actress - because he has that no one knows.

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