Interesting facts about the swimsuits

The most expensive swimsuit in the world - Bikini $ 30 million. Design swimsuit Susan Rosen and belongs to the company Steinmetz Diamonds, bikini decorated with over 150 carats of diamonds flawless cut diamonds, set in platinum.
The largest bikini parade was held November 9, 2009. Dressed only in a bikini 287 women marched through Johannesburg in South Africa to raise awareness of citizens about breast cancer, which affects every thirty South African women.
Muslim women can now wear a burkini, which were presented in 2007, Lebanese-Australian designer. However, once women in Burkina not allowed in the swimming pool in Paris, because Paris officials considered lower body swimsuit unhygienic.

Laws restraint in the early 20th century were very strict. In 1919, on Coney Island woman was arrested for wearing a bathing suit in public - by their everyday clothes.
Thongs banned in Melbourne, Florida, in January 2005. The penalty for wearing them - a fine of $ 500 or 60 days in jail.
In 1907, when Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman (1987-1975) wore a one-piece bathing suit, she bares her arms and legs, it immediately arrested for appearing in a public place in the adult form.
In 1997, Tyra Banks was the first African-American to appear on the cover of the magazine «Sports Illustrated: Bathing Edition". Beyoncé Knowles was the second in 2007.
One of the first men's beachwear, opening the chest, appeared in 1932, it was called "Topper". The upper part of the suit could release from the shorts. Unfortunately, the man who dared to appear in public topless in those days, often arrested for "indecent kind».
While promote thong and similar melting in the 1970s helped the Brazilians, thongs, in fact, could emerge even 75,000 years ago as primitive clothing to cover the male genitalia.
In the first contest "Miss World" in 1951 Kiki Hakansson from Sweden became the first and last winner, putting on a bikini for the awards ceremony. Her coronation in bikini provoked the disapproval of the pope and the threat of refusal to participate in an event of such countries as Spain and Ireland.
Initially, the bikini was banned in the country, populated mostly by Catholics.
Song "Itsi-Bitsy-Tinny Winnie, to blame bikini" popular in the 1960s spurred the sale bikini in the United States. This song, along with the «Sports Illustrated: Bathing Edition" has contributed to the wide dissemination in the United States bikini.
When in 1946 the first bikini was unveiled, it was advertised as a swimsuit, consisting of two parts and the "opening of a girl everything but the maiden name of her mother».
When in 1959 the market entered a Barbie doll, her first outfit was a swimsuit in black and white stripes.
Swimwear market by almost 70% are women swimwear. Children's swimwear is 13% male and primerno17%.
In the 1950s, were popular bathing suits with pointy cups, jokingly known as "high beam". Some swimsuits were inflatable cups that can be inflated to the desired size.
Mancini became popular after the release of the 2006 film "Borat" is men's swimwear, shaped like a slingshot.
Fundoshi - a kind of swimsuits, derived from traditional Japanese underwear for men.
In the early 20th century, many American cities passed a law requiring that all women in bathing suits worn stockings.
The last time Marilyn Monroe appeared on the screen in a bikini was in 1962 in the movie "Something's going to happen».
In 1923, a New York ballet dancer Pearl Howell appeared in an unusual bathing suit consisted entirely of algae.
Sex symbol Diana Dors appeared at the Venice Film Festival 1955 in a mink bikini.
Bikini named after the Bikini Atoll in the Marshall Islands of the Pacific, where the United States tested a nuclear bomb in 1946. And a tiny bathing suit, and a bomb had an explosive effect on American culture.
The original bikini was created by automotive engineer Louis PEAP (1897-1984), bathing suit consisted of only 30 square inches. Rare announced that the bikini should not be considered real if it does not "pass through a wedding ring."


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