Elisandra Tomacheski (Elisandra Tomacheski) in swimsuits «Ellis»

Brazilian model, frankly, is not such a frequent guest, and our magazine. Last time, it pleased us with his photoset last spring. And here, another interesting work for the author's line of famous designer.

Brand «Ellis» not as well known as the name of the genius of the designer Tomas Maier (Tomas Maier), who gave the best years of the brand «Bottega Veneta». We do not say that in swimsuits, presented the brand has something unique or superkreativnoe. Nevertheless, Thomas keeps the brand and produces a line of very attractive swimsuits. Increases positive impression of the collection, the presence of such beauty as Elisandra Tomacheski (Elisandra Tomacheski). By the way, last month the model 27 years old. The most flourishing model age.


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