The best works in the street art

We bring you the final selection of street patterns, which, in our opinion, were the most striking events in this genre of art. There are no first and last places. Just 50 best drawings, in our opinion.

So, let's begin. Escif, Katowice, Poland.

The Wizard, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Ludo, Paris, France.

Alice Pasquini, Rome, Italy.

SO Design & Graffiti4hire, Birmingham, England.

Unknown author, Cairo, Egypt.

Pabi A, Lund, Sweden.

ROA, Mexico City, Mexico.

Diana Guido, Madrid, Spain.

Unknown author, London, UK.

Mad C, Germany.

Adam Łokuciejewski and Szymon Czarnowski, Olsztyn, Poland.

NemOs, Milan, Italy.

Sainer, Lodz, Poland.

MTO, Rennes, France.

Unknown author, Valpariso, Chile.

Ernest Zaharevich, Penang, Malaysia.

David Walker, London, UK.

Alpona biggest in the world, Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Juandres Vera, Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Unknown author, Philadelphia, USA.

David Choe, Denver, USA.

PakOne, Brest, France.

SmugOne, Glasgow, Scotland.

Smug, Glasgow, Scotland.

David Zinn, USA.

Eduardo Kobra, New York, USA.

Banksy, London, UK.

Borondo, Rome, Italy.

Evol, London, UK.

Kenny Random, Milan, Italy.

Eduardo Relero, place the figure is unknown.

Art-Residence, Vyksa, Russia.

Andre Muniz Gonzaga, Senegal.

Nomerz, Tula, Russia.

Joe & Max, Munich, Germany.

Nicholas Arndt, Germany.

Dolk, Norway.

Shok Oner, UK.

Phlegm, Oslo, Norway.

Interesni Kazki, Atlanta, USA.

JR and Liu Bolin, New York, USA.

Steve Locatelli, Brussels, Belgium.

Icy and Sot, Iran.

Pobel, Lafoten, Norway.

Unknown author, Tarragona, Spain.

Nomerz, Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

OaKoAk, France.

Scampi, Wellington, New Zealand.

MTO, Rennes, France.


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