Kate Upton (Kate Upton) in the summer photo shoot for the magazine «Vogue»

In principle, it is natural, when one of the top models in the heat of summer hits the pages of one of the most popular fashion magazines. In the July issue of the Spanish edition of the newspaper, Kate posing only in bathing suits.

No, of course, the American shows us not only the body, and swimsuits. One of the photos we will be able to even see the original sunglasses brand «Ray-Ban» :) photographed supermodel, a popular fashion photographer Miguel Revere (Miguel Reveriego), and the style of Kate Upton (Kate Upton) worked as a stylist Belen Antolin (Belen Antolin) . The American show us swimwear from famous brands such as: Intimissimi, American Apparel, Michael Kors and others.

Photo by Miguel Reveriego


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