Hunters for honey in the Himalayas

LJ user dementievskiy writes in his blog: Today we are going
Nepal, in the area of ​​the Annapurna massif in the Main Himalayan ridge where
Each spring the locals skillfully extracted honey bees Wild Himalayan.

The final point of our trip - this village. In the photo the main square, which probably 200-250 square meters. Of course the whole village in the area. Evenings, weekends, they do not talk. And here we come yet!

At night, by candlelight, we cook dinner. And it was full of romance around.

And in the morning the whole village out into the street. Start gathering in the mountains.

Are almost all men. Even the military, somehow caught in this morning in the village. But the production - it is the prerogative of the elderly.


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