Gela Vasadze: Recipe for success in Ukraine is simple: it reforms and more sanctions against Russia

Ie truisms. Summer - hot, the sun rises in the east, if not long wash - you will stink, Land - round, Russia - shits.

In the world of consensus among the major powers seem to contain Russia reached. US again tightened sanctions against Russia. Or Japan refused Putin's visit because of the situation in Ukraine. Or, quite unexpectedly (for Russia, of course) - Iran has supported the Arab countries and believes that oil by 70 per barrel it is normal.

Not because of the "world fit for Ukraine", but because the lesson with the connivance of inadequate aggressor spitting on international agreements, learned by the example of Hitler.

And we? We need to live in reality, knowing that Russia is our enemy, which is unlikely to calm down and try as far as possible to distance itself from it, learn to defend themselves and to conduct so necessary for the development of the reform.

"I have good news for the people of Ukraine, the authorities in Kiev is ready for radical reforms, even more radical and rapid than in Georgia. The formula is - do for the six months that Georgia was done six years.
No shapkozakidatelstva in this approach, no, everything is very realistic. Firstly, because it is the only reform. today that can quickly and efficiently make the Ukrainian government. Unfortunately, neither the sharp turn in the economy, no quick victory in the war, if nothing extraordinary happens, can not be achieved. However, reform is something that can and should be done right now. Moreover, it is a radical reform in Ukraine, this is a necessary condition, and that will provide economic development and winning the war.

If the Georgian experience will be used one hundred percent, and it will be used, and it will be added to the innovations of today, all the necessary work. It is important that the Ukrainians supported the reforms and believed in their success. More about all that later, but for now just happy for Ukraine. ยป

Gela Vasadze


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