About unfathomable Russian soul

Riddle her that she is synthetic tightly. It's okay, really. Just prior to synthesis it like a normal soul, does not analyze, and do not wash their hands. This is only a cunning Japanese, learning English battleships, first pick out of them British. Russian soul hawala all right so - chickens with feathers, with potato tops, yogurt Service. Cultural Care - zero.

The result is an ethical odoroblo with three legs, hands of famous places and the eye under his arm. It wanders odoroblo stumbling beats of shoals and eerie howling, suffering from the fact of its own existence. This is the "mysterious Russian soul.»

Not to be unfounded, put a thought experiment.

Imagine: a boy found in the street purse. Naturally, we have in mind is not a real, live boy, and a boy in a spherical vacuum, ethical and cultural archetype.

1. Spherical German Lutheran boy will jump on one leg to take the purse to the nearest politsayamt.
2.Sferichesky Latin Catholic boy drag purse home to his mamma mia, and other family values, because mom knows best what to do with it.
3. Spherical Jewish boy take the purse itself and thank Gd.

4. What will the spherical Russian-Orthodox boy - knows no one, not even the great quantum computers.

Because no one knows what part of the ethical Russian mutant at the moment, under the influence of the phase of the moon and solar flares, will prevail: either Byzantine in its amplitude swing kareokaya spirituality, whether eyed Tatar raids. Whether general vyatka booze.

And that would not do this ethical podmyshkoglaz - he still suffers. Take the money himself - his conscience torments. React to the police - toad strangling. By pass - can not sleep.

Therefore, in order not to suffer the moral mutant sometimes goes wild as synthetic solutions, such as one-third of the money to keep himself on the third buy mom boots, and a third still attributed to the police. As a result, it simultaneously tormented conscience, toad strangling, and even sew a criminal case.

Soak ax old woman, dry brains investigator, and then come to confess. Oh, what a complicated soul!

I assure you, the dog on the ice, skating, a stroboscope and a «Diesel Power» will look no less difficult. & Quot;

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