4 weeks that completely change your life

A simple, but very effective guide Svetlana Pokrevskoy, which, in just 4 weeks, will radically change your life! blockquote>

Recently I received a letter from a reader: "Hello, Svetlana! Want to change your life for your technique! "- Says Svetlana Pokrevskaya.

Wow. I thought, and if I have a technique? It turned out there! Immediately I wanted her to structure and to paint the points. And you know, it turned out that everything is ridiculously simple. It received four units: for each week.

Total - month. Just a month self-study, to change to a better life! I can safely promise to all those who fulfill the below plan in a month you will not recognize yourself.

So, for each week of the plan - three tasks that must be implemented in their lives. And stay with them throughout the month. Ideally - and longer, but here it is for you to decide.

Week 1. Clean the body and mind h6>
  1. Early rise , around 6 am. Immediately you have time for yourself, which is never enough for the day. Consequence - peace and quiet, you can not distracted about their business, is home asleep. This is an ideal time for morning practice, to adjust the body to get through the day at 100%. Laziness, unwillingness to get up early - this is not an indicator of fatigue. For me it is an indication that you do not want to live my life. Why get up out of bed - there again gloomy morning, the subway, traffic jams, work ... Now, if the first thought was, "Hurry morning - another day!"? Agree, it is unlikely with such a feeling of early rise will be a problem. So, it turns out, it works both ways. Life plays all the colors and sparkles - it will be easy to jump up in the morning. Or ... would be easy to jump up in the morning - and the life sparkle!
  2. Lite catering Sports
    Week 2. Cleaning of space affairs and environment h6>
  3. Cleaning space Cleaning Affairs and liabilities Cleaning the environment
    Week 3. The plans, goals and dreams h6>
  4. record and plans List of Improbabilities plan daily
    Week 4. Expanding the boundaries h6>
  5. Try to live differently Out of the comfort zone Rest What awaits you in the middle of this road (do not say in the end, because it is an endless road) will exceed your expectations. In carrying out these (easy!) Things on a daily basis, by embedding them in your life, you will feel the harmony, omnipotence, see light at the end of the tunnel and the path that will point the right way. And over time, it will turn into the road. It sounds pathetic, but the truth is - it is such pretentious girlfriend.



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