18 truths to start yourself to speak

It is your journey. Only your. Others may go along with you, but they can't go instead of you.

Here 18 truths that will inspire and motivate you, to remind you that none of the obligations cannot link you against your will. Starting today, you are fully responsible for your life.


1. I can only be me.Stop trying to fit someone's ideals of perfection. Be imperfect perfection itself. Be YOURSELF. When people begin to chuckle over how you have changed, laugh in response on the fact that they never change. One day, Judy garland said "always Be the original version of yourself, not copy someone else." Live, guided by this advice. It is impossible to live, playing someone else's role. You can only play their own role. If you are not yourself you, in fact, do not live you exist.

2. This is my life and my dreams that are worthy of implementation.Life is either a daring journey or nothing at all. We cannot become what we want to become, continuing to do exactly the same thing that we did before. If you you really want something, strive to obtain, not paying attention to your request is treated by others. This is how dreams come true. Don't listen when people say it's impossible. The only place where your goals and dreams can become impossible is in your head. Once you have submitted your goal, you are already on the way to achieving it. So move forward, overcoming all obstacles. Let your dreams be stronger than your fears and your actions speak for themselves. Act as you tells your heart, and not the people around you. You, not they, continue to live with the decisions you take.

3. Everything, good and bad, is a life lesson.Everyone you encounter and everything you meet is part of your lesson called "life". Never forget the lessons you life, especially the lessons were contrary to your plans. For example, if you didn't get the job you wanted to, it just means that there is some best way, which did not include this work. Love yourself, trust your choices, remember what you want, and keep going forward.

4. A few REAL friends is all you need.When it comes to relationships, prefer not to quantity, but quality. Spend time with friends who love and appreciate you that ennoble you and make you better. Real friends will help you to feel yourself and not only yourself as you are at the moment, but, of course, the way you want to be. Spend more time with those who makes you smile, and try to avoid those who constantly puts you under pressure. True friends make your day a little brighter for those that are just in it. Much better if you have one, but a real friend than if you just knew all the people in this world.

5. My actions and words directly affect the life surrounding me.Lead by example. To live what you teach others, or don't teach that at all. Confirm their words with deeds! Most people will look at your case than they will listen to your drivel. By their personal example inspire, inspire, push people to become better. And if someone did something really well, don't forget to admire his results. Cheer the people. Give them time to realize mistakes. If they know what you expect from them big things, they most likely will try to meet your expectations. Become the most positive and optimistic person out of everyone you know. Optimism attracts happiness. If you always stay positive and open, then you will attract good people.

6. Unrestrained promises destroy relationships.All the time you associate yourself some obligations. The question is, do you perform them? If you said you will do something, be sure to do it! If you can't keep your word, to others it means that you do not value their time and your relationship with them. Don't promise too much. Better to promise less and perform more than promised. Here is a wisdom expressed in one sentence: never take decisions when you are angry and never promise too much when you rejoice.

7. The little things are mostly the important things.Keep it simple. In the most simple moments of our life is absolute happiness. Therefore, watch the sunset, spend more time with his family. Enjoy the little things, because one day you may look back and realize that was the main thing in your life.

8. People usually regret what they didn'T.You 100% do not hit the target unless you shoot. Start with yourself to create choices, chances and changes in my life. You have to make a choice and trying to happiness or your life will never change. In the end we regret more not about the mistakes we made and the chances that we tried to use, and the decisions that we delayed for far too long.

9. Little people can do big things.Stay in a good mood, even if others don't support it. Smile even when around his frowning face. Their small and simple actions you will be able to influence his family, the people around you and the world. You can pick up and throw debris that you see on the street. Help your friends, treat them with kindness. Choose the house that you no longer need and give them to those who need them. People appreciate the help came suddenly and those who did it. Let everyone after you will be a little better than it was before you. In doing so, you realize, why do so.

10. Failures make us stronger and wiser.Pain makes you tougher. Tears make you braver. Disappointment makes you wiser. Be grateful to your past because it helped you to become what you have become. Thank the past for a better future. Live in the present, learn the past, hope for the future. Life is not the anticipation of the upcoming storm, it's learning to dance in the rain.

11. Everyone deserves a good and respectful relationship.Treat everyone with kindness and respect, even to those who are rude to you – not because they are wonderful people, but because you are a wonderful man. There is no framework that would define to what extent a person deserves respect. Treat everyone with the same respect that you would treat your parents with the patience with which you would treat his younger brother. People will notice your kindness.

12. Every person is interesting in its own way.Accept people for who they are. In most cases, they cannot be changed and trying to do it, you'll be angered. Give them the opportunity to Express themselves – each of us has something to show. Open your heart and arms to all. We are connected by their differences and together we become stronger.

13. There is no point in doing anything if I'm not going to do it properly.I admire different great musicians, writers, authors blogs, artists, speakers, site owners, programmers, mothers, fathers, athletes... They all share one trait: they are perfectly doing their job. There is no point in doing anything if you don't plan to do it properly. Try to be the best in my work and in what you are addicted to. Work on your reputation, the reputation of perfection.

14. Fraud will never be forgotten.Nobody likes liars. In the end, the truth will come out. You yourself affect your actions and eventually, your actions will affect your life. If you're honest, your soul will rest and peace of mind is priceless. So. Be honest and don't go with dishonest people.

15. Personal growth will initially cause discomfort.Growth always starts where the comfort zone. So step out of your comfort zone and try something new. Defeat the unknown and revel in new experience. Go to a restaurant that you have never visited before. Take advantage of the new Park. We're going everyday routine. New experiences help us grow and make our lives interesting. During this week, try every day to do something new. This may be a completely new activity, or just a little adventure, such as a conversation with a stranger. Running you one day the wheel will help you to new opportunities to change your life. If you use this strategy of constant small steps in the direction of a new experience, you can step over a line that, in fact, is a serious barrier called Fear.

16. Happiness is an internal choice.If you are happy, it does not mean that you are all perfect. This means that you have learned to ignore the shortcomings. Its a daily choice you can make yourself happy. Choose a correct environment. Choose the joy of what you have, not the frustration of what you have. Choose a good attitude. Choose an expression of gratitude. Choose the forgiveness of injuries. Choose self-care. Take responsibility for your happiness right now. The choice is yours.

17. The more I invest in myself, the better I manage my life.Every day give yourself the time and waste the energy. If you pay attention, you will not get lost in this life and eventually you will have the power and ability to change your path. You merely are the result of their own knowledge. The more time and energy you will spend on the acquisition of relevant knowledge, the better you will manage your life.

18. Having the knowledge, but inaction, it is impossible to achieve anything.Very often I have to deal with smart people who can't achieve anything in life because they don't want to use the knowledge they already have. In other words, they believe that in order to take advantage of this opportunity, they need additional knowledge and skills. Yes, of course, the more knowledge the better, but if you take no action, the knowledge you give nothing. You should gradually move forward. You should use what you know. Remember that if you acquire knowledge, it does not mean that you rise above itself. Personal growth occurs when what you know changes your life. published


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