A little secret in relationships

There are many different subtleties and secrets in relationships and communication with each other. Today I want to write about a little secret in the relationship.

It would seem so much and we all know how to talk and often not thought about, but can we really speak about their being and their true desires.

The ability to talk about the present — this is the little secret in the relationship, which I would like to talk to you.

Very often, a woman after parting with a man she does not realize how cause ourselves suffering by their own actions.

One of the main problems people inability to communicate in straight sentences, the inability to speak honestly and directly about their desires.

Woman, and men too, are afraid to speak directly about their feelings, preferring to fence fences in communicating, implying, or trying a roundabout way to get what you want.

Such ambiguous situations are created not only because people are shy or can't speak about the real desires and needs, but often due to the fact that people did not fully understand their feelings and desires.

Not to be confused with the communicative ability to speak about the present, that deeply touch and concern.

For some reason, to talk about their feelings, the idea causes many people a sense of shame. Most likely they are often shamed in childhood, and the spontaneous expression of feelings was the object of condemnation and censure.

The child begins to understand myself to be natural is shameful and to be condemned.

When faced with betrayal or parting, the woman is afraid, embarrassed, ashamed to tell the man about his love, that misses him and doesn't pose how she will live without him.

Do not be afraid to talk about it and it is not a sign of lack of pride.

A woman creates an ambiguous situation and she then begins to suffer in conjectures, whether the husband stopped loving her or did she do something wrong.

A woman shouldn't be ashamed of your feelings and you need to tell the husband about his feelings and desire to be together, and if after that still my husband prefers to leave, at least you lose absolutely nothing and even more pride.

Pride is knowing your strengths and appreciate them. To be humiliated is to forget about them. About love can talk with dignity and not as a beggar asking for food.

Having pride is one or maximum two times to speak about his love and their desires, and then with dignity to let go and leave.

If he was going to leave, it is in the end his choice. But your soul in the case of disclosure of their senses will be calm from knowing that you did everything to save the relationship and husband.

In this issue no need to overreact and impose themselves man, no need several times to talk about his love.

For such words is one direct explanation and expression of their desires.
Yes, it hurts in response to his confession to hear: I don't love you anymore! Or to bump into the cold wall of silence and indifference.

In this case you should always remember: How others do is their karma, how we respond is our karma.

Of course it hurts to lose someone you have lived a few or many years, but this pain will not be less than that if you're hinting at blackmail and his game to provoke the man to manifestation of love for you.

If a man loves, he will not leave if he wants to keep relationship with you, but he had accumulated resentments and grievances to you, he will still find a way to tell you about it.
If it was his resentment and feeling of misunderstanding on your part led to the breakup, then their recognition and pronunciation of his desire to be with him you will help him to start talking about his offense.

After a Frank confession and a conversation with him, if you have the chance to save the relationship, I would say to continue to the next level. Usually after a breakup and experienced internal breakup if the relationship have the ability to continue, they really go to a whole new and different level.

Many people do not know how to communicate direct messages right to speak openly about their feelings.

Each sits inside its deep conviction that the other should feel and understand what you need.

Is it a throwback from my childhood when mom really needs to be sufficiently sensitive to the child and his inarticulate sounds to understand what the child wants. If he wants to eat or drink, or maybe he just wants his mom hugged him and hugged him.

This belief sits in our heads and for many love is the ability to feel another person.

We must work together with you to understand what a man or a woman is not configured on the parent wave and they can absolutely be no such perception of the person. Women are much easier to feel another person, by nature inherent in this function of men, they are completely different, they don't take hints, they don't understand double messages. On the contrary, they are very annoying this behaviour.

Don't be afraid even outgoing man to talk about all their feelings and thoughts — this is the little secret in the relationship.

Even if he doesn't understand, even if you remain indifferent and he does not need.

You do it primarily for themselves.

After a Frank conversation you will become a little easier. You will no longer suffer in conjecture and doubt. All will become clear to you and if the love is gone, let her go through the pain of loss, of separation and parting.

Learn the little things to say about their true desires. Learn to understand yourself and your desires. Be open with people and do not create ornateness in communication and relationships.


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The woman certainly attracted the men with their mystery, but walking through the maze in achieving their goals and desires is not the kind of feminine mystery that can be attractive to men.

Once you learn to voice your desires and needs, learn to talk about your feelings, you will discover a little secret in the relationshipthat will open the door to a qualitatively different communication and a qualitatively different world.published


Author: Irina Gavrilova Dempsey


Source: vk.com/brain_up?w=wall-70427221_25394


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