Moving to London. Continued

Part 1

My new job was so-so. I got a job as a junior administrator in the department Windows Support. Duties include daily checks, respond to alerts and primary processing user requests. Of course there were various goodies in the form of tasks to fine-tune the configuration of the monitoring Exchange or SCCM, but because of their low priority and a constant flow of the main tasks to focus on them was impossible.

I must say my boss was concerned about the inconsistency and resume office, as directly during the interview me and said. For the first time I could not get a position because of excessive training. Then I managed to convince him that I will be happy in this position, and he's tired look and decided that it's better than nothing. To his credit I must say that his excitement was not in vain - I lasted long. However, at that point it did not matter, because this work opens the possibility of moving to the next stage of the move.

Search apartments h5> rent apartment in London is radically different from the removal of the room. If in the second case the owners quite tolerant of the new residents of the capital, then rent an apartment on arrival very easy. Generally it is necessary to have:

-Otzyv From the previous landlord
Confirming the fact that you are working
-extract From the bank, where you can see what you - solvent

If something of the above is not, as a rule, you can try:

-Find A guarantor, ie a person who has a history of (financial) in the country and who is willing to repay the costs if something happens.
-Zaplatit Forward 6 months

Last guessed it available only to those who have a lot of money or have friends / relatives in the country.

Apartments here are measured not in square meters or rooms and bedrooms. That is, if you talk about the single bedroom flat / apartment, this two-bedroom apartment of unknown size. The dimensions are specified, but not always, and often in square feet. Main site Search apartment:

Usually the price depends on the location and the availability of a number of public transport and some of the condition of the home. West London generally more expensive east, likely because of the abundance of immigrants in the latter. Family must look existence of schools, but little impact on the price it does not have.

Prices. Removing any apartment should be ready to pay 1,000 pounds a month. More bedrooms - more expensive. For example, one bedroom will cost 1000, two in 1200 and four bedrooms 1500. By the way prices for houses and apartments are practically the same, everything is still measured bedrooms. My first double-bedroom flat was worth £ 1,100 per month.

Actually rent costs are not limited. To it must be added consuil tax - a gathering of local government, which is in the service area, the payment of social houses and stuff. Collection of this depends on the value of the home. For me it was the year 1400, ie, have to pay about 140 pounds a month (it is divided into 10 months, not 12 - the remaining two months just do not pay). Well, utilities - water, if there is gas and electricity. I entered the water in the rent, the gas was not, and for electricity paid an average of 60 pounds per month.

Total: 1100 + 140 + 60 = 1300 pounds to pay the rent each month.

At the time of removal have to pay:
- 1 one month rent in advance
- 6 weeks deposit
- Agency commission
- The so-called refernce check

Separately deposit (tenancy deposit not to be confused with a holding deposit) - he used to cover unexpected costs incurred through the fault of the tenant. It must be stored in one of three existing programs. During an attempt to "hold in his" deposit agent or landlord can be fined. At the end of the contract, in order to pick up a deposit or that divide the parties, the consent of both parties. Details here:

Sometimes the agents do not take money for the commission, and screwed over the reference check. The maximum that I have been asked - 360 pounds per adult. But in the end I paid 250 for the Commission and 90 for the reference check.

Reference check - this is when the agent checks the data provided by you (call to work, the previous landlord and etc.)

So just when renting property has been paid:
1100 + 1100/4 * 6 + 250 + 2 * 90 = 3180 pounds

My wife was looking for a suitable housing options and make appointments to inspect the apartment, he sent me smskoy parts and after work I went to watch them, and in the evening talking to Skype about his impressions. 20 pieces examined, finally chose to pay holding deposit. It's a pledge that will be the agent if the customer suddenly changes his mind and refuses to rent - usually 200-500 pounds, and then goes to the expense of the first payment.
And then everything is simple, the agent makes a reference check, sends data on landlord tenant, who confirmed the contract is signed and a happy tenant calls in to a new home.

Having done all these simple movements and take a 10 hour and a half traveling on the subway, carrying their meager belongings at that time, I for the first time a few months has gained a sense of privacy. A few weeks later I flew from London for the purpose of transferring the family to a new place.

Drive h5> Moving with his family to London will remain in our memory as a perfectly planned and executed the logistics operation. Two days budgeted literally by the hour, starting from the start at 4 am, arrival for the night near Berlin, and finally crossing the English Channel have been right on schedule. Life certainly has made adjustments in the form of chickenpox daughter that culminated on these two days. Therefore, until one drove, the second duty behind with a thermometer checking the favorite child for unacceptable overheating. But nothing happened and do not shy away from considering our passenger ferry (had to abandon the use of green stuff on the face, in order to avoid fainting travel) we arrived without incident.

Things have taken as much as fits into our Hyundai wagon. Everything else had to drastically dropped. Even the server - only took the hard drives. Family skeptical of a new apartment, which was three times less than the previous one and I was given a year to transport them in an earthly paradise that was promised as part of the propaganda of the program - "Let's go to live in London." At that decided to do.

School h5> Favorite Son, reached by the time the age of 4, and it had to return to school in September.

Schools in the UK free (there is a fee, but for the rich). Children begin to walk in them 4 years starting from Reception class. It's a mix of kindergarten and school - children generally play, but already teach letters and numbers. There are no requirements at the end of the year there.

The child is assigned to school, depending on the place of residence, parents can apply to the 3 schools. Take place where there is room. We were much like the school was behind the house.

Then there is first class and the way:

A few dry facts:
-All Schools have form. It is not strict, it is necessary to observe the usual colors and wearing a jacket with the emblem
-year Holidays last about 6 weeks - the end of July, beginning of August
-Visit Sure, if unexcused absences, parents can be fined
-Zabronirovanny Vacation is usually not a good reason for the lack
-Teacher Come home to check the life of children
-If A child looks neglected, involved parents, social workers, up to the deprivation of parental rights

Schools regularly inspect the results and more about the schools here:

- In the next part - income of IT specialists, taxes, expenses and personal experience



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