Well, I have to receive medical treatment!

Along with appreciation, we often hear in the address of doctors mass offensive words, supposedly muddle, do not understand, Konovalov and snobs. That's right, we have all sorts. If we evaluate these parameters, the doctors muddle no more than muddle engineers or professionals in any other field. You say we can not make mistakes? You can not. Only here and architects can not be wrong. Plan your house or a bridge, he is illiterate, but he stopped them, and someone press down. Brought the victims to the hospital and there the doctor - muddle and farrier. That is terrible! Nowhere is no escape, nowhere to hide.

Well, at the expense of medical snobbery so sure. Bullseye! And what we have to take? Until we learn this behold, in these situations we will visit that the stories of a lifetime is enough.
After the end of the honey. Institute sent me to work in the tuberculosis ward. Doctors did not stay there long because of the nature contingent being in the dungeons of tuberculosis. 80% of patients - recidivists from places not so remote, well, and the remaining 20% ​​is the one God would send. So throw to all those who have a little bit savvy in medicine.

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However, I can not say I helluva lot of respect for patients and the local authority Bessonov his hand, I trusted only for intravenous injections because procedural sister was very nervous because of his high status and a vein from the excitement could not get there. Respect my grew by leaps and bounds. And after a single case of a halo of my glory medical risen to heaven.

Early in the morning I'm going to train to work. Look, some guy in the vestibule rushes, gasping for air and grabs hold of the heart. She went to him and asked, from what they say, man, sorrow. Well, he told me blue lips says that being a "hard-wired" to drink himself last night allowed. While talking, I see the worse he felt.

 - Come on, he says - walk up to my office, which at one hundred meters from the station when to go straight through the trash.
Man, the truth turned out to be docile and did not resist. And then there is courage, if the force does not live there. There is barely touches his legs and a string bag with a loaf of sausage is dragging. I looked, and string bag lower and lower to the ground approaching.

 - Well, - I say - you, my dear, pull baker and a little slack in the form of bending the legs do not dare to give, because we have already come and help you begin a qualified medical Now it turns out.
We went into the office, immediately give an indication of the honey. sister drip cook, and before the arrival of the emergency patient on the bed to put free. He lay down and began to die from the very comfortable conditions. Then came an elderly doctor with the outpatient reception, guarded tuberculosis department, he looked at me picked up a copy as he highlighted features for white light last minute looking hands and scoops the sheet under him, waved her hand, saying, later, he dies, Elena. < br />
I got a fright at such a sad picture to watch, walked over to him firmly and said: - What are you doing this, Nicholas G., upset me even think his premature departure. Not accepted to die in my office for a variety of trifles.

I began to him from despair to do heart massage so much so that he became as much fly up on armor-clad bed. I remember, even some words spoken as "a kind of parasite you do not dare to die, still young. Do not I give you permission to the afterlife. " Look, the man flushed and breathing became calmer. I looked at him, and listened to heart sounds very calm beginning that my patient decided against relocating. Well, in the meantime, while I held him resuscitation, an ambulance arrived, from the central office. They loaded my patronized, shopping bag with sausage put in leg and taken with flashing lights and siren in intensive care.

The next day he came to work, the first thing called the treatment of the health of my companion asked. "Written out of your Nicholas G. home alive and unharmed. He left and did not say thank you. " Well, I guess this is it you did not say, well, then certainly I will go and tell. I not entered any that day or the next.

Maybe some other doctor would be offended, and after such an event, and sworn never to save the lives of patients ungrateful, but that's a mug. We save and will save, despite the non-pecuniary injury! You look unfriendly to us, and we'll smile charming. You send us away, and we'll ukolchik for this painful. This symbiosis will keep working, because there is nothing more expensive than a human life, medical warm hands and a kind word that his return to the community of patients from the world, sometimes even without asking for their permission.

© Elena Horn


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