Letter from France to Russia

Lovely girl friend ordered a Frenchman book (Harry Potter in French, conventional, paper. Home address lightly written in Russian and sent emails. Unperturbed, the Frenchman was not surprised at the fact that these Russian written entirely vowels with various combinations tochechek, strokes and caps, carefully redrew them all on board, designed the parcel at the post office (no postman was not surprised mysterious Russian language !!) and sent to Russia. Fortunately, guessed attributed side word RUSSIE. Have you ever seen a mail parcel, where the address is written clearly in incorrect encoding? ballpoint pen on cardboard, in the "Destination" all these bukvochki with lids, dots and dashes on both sides ...... unforgettable sight. But parcel has reached, and quickly. According to the index, you can determine the country, city and street (Post Office ) - thank workers of mail, not too lazy to do it (maybe it was not the first time in their practice.) As it turned out, meticulous people who moved into a more understandable written encoding target was at the Vernadsky Prospekt.

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