Yogurt Parfait - something you've never tried

The method of preparation is the process of taking liquids and forming them into the encased - bubbles eggs that contain the juice inside.

The ingredients sound harsh, but who fumbles in chemistry or pharmacy may try to explain the popularity of what was going on.

Sodium Alginate (Sodium Alginate) and calcium chloride (Calcium Chloride).

I understand gugloperevodchika, Sodium Alginate - that's what makes fluid to purchase properties and structure of the gel.

Hercules or puffed rice to the interlayer.

Dried berries, fruits, nuts, seeds, or what your imagination until granulated candy (or candy) such as m & m's or skittles.

Dried raspberries in my opinion the most suitably since It creates a "lightness and ease and».

As an option - a mixture of almond, banana chips, coconut flakes, powder, vanilla seeds (sunflower seeds) in chocolate icing.

Low-fat yogurt to fill.

Mixtures of various fragrances.

Prepared mixes for yogurt parfait. Top view.

The latter, the most important ingredient, juice.

From left to right: pomegranate, sweet tomato, carrot, apple, pineapple with rum (Pina Colada), kiwi juice with lime and blueberry (do not know why it is that color, probably with some sort of supplement for beauty).

Thickened liquid dropped in calcium chloride.

Bottom view.

When the drop falls in calcium chloride, it reinforces the outer layer polchaetsya "spawn."

Thereafter, the droplets are already coated, rinsed in water.

Sample knife (which will be clear from the following pictures).

The liquid should flow out. If you are detained in calcium chloride slishklm long - Get Jelly and this is wrong, because The ball should burst (vzryvatsya) taste on the tongue.

The very strange blueberry juice drips into the calcium chloride.

Blue Eggs.

Already washed.

You can use cheats (hehe, cheaters). The syringe is connected to some strange pharmaceutical box (for blood tests or what?).

And dripping from it to improve performance and uniformity "eggs."

Like this.

Ready-made kits.

Derived from left to right:

low-fat yogurt, "caviar", a dry mixture.

And this is how it looks ready.

From left to right: blueberry, kiwi-lime, Pina Colada, apple-carrot, sweet tomato with basil and pomegranate.



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